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Nadine Caridi Married, Jordan Belfort, Wedding, Kids, 2019

There are a million ways you can become famous nowadays. This particular 56 year old from the United Kingdom became famous in a rather unusual manner. Nadine Caridi became famous for being married to a legend when it comes to Wall Street.

Nadine’s name has become synonymous with her ex-husband, John Belfort. John, who is one of the most iconic figures in wall street history also has a massive Hollywood movie dedicated to him.

The 2016 movie, ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ is the real-life depiction of Jordan. The movie was nominated in several categories in the Academy Awards 2014 for several categories including movie of the year. It also won a few awards.

You can see how big the movie was by just looking at the cast. Jordan’s role was played by ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’. The movie almost won him an Academy Award but he fell a little short. While Nadine’s role was played by none other than Margot Robbie.

Seeing such big characters in a movie dedicated to a person, it should not be hard to imagine how big Jordan is in the stock market. The guy literally played with the stock market and made billions while he did so.

Being the wife of such an iconic figure, it should not come as a surprise to the rest of us that she gained some fame too. Before getting married to Jordan, Nadine was quite an accomplished model and actress in her own rights. Getting married just added the cherry on the top as she would live a life of luxuries ever since.

Nadine’s wedding and Jordan Belfort.

Nadine Caridi was married to Jordan Belfort from 1991 – 2005. They broke up on bad terms as Jordan was too much of a drug addict as he was going through a very rough time in his life. Nadine and Jordan were madly in love with each other.

Jordan went as far as naming his Yacht after his second wife. The main reason that leads to the downfall of the wall street couple is domestic violence and substance abuse.

Caption: Nadine Caridi with John Macaluso(Source:www.instagram.com)

The couple also had two beautiful kids together during the time that they were together. Their son is named Carter Belfort and the daughter is named Chandler Belfort.

As of now, Nadine is currently married to Wizard World, Inc ex-CEO John Macaluso. The couple is supposedly living a very happy and prosperous life in Manhattan, New York, USA.

Short Bio

Nadine Caridi was born on the 6th of November, 1962. And she is currently 56 years old and has two children, a baby girl, and a boy. Both of their father is Jordan Belfort. She belongs to white ethnicity and by nationality, she is British.

Prior to her marriage with Jordan Belfort, she was a super successful model as well as an actress. After the wedding, she couldn’t continue with her career as a model due to her being a mother. She had to take care of children.

The other reason why she didn’t have to work is the fact that Jordan was just too rich and she could never make as much money as him even if she tried her hardest.

As of 2019, Nadine Cardi is happily married to John Macaluso, ex-CEO of Wizard world. The couple is living happily together in their luxury house in Manhattan.

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