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Alejandro Aranda Age, Family, Bio, Nationality, Parents, Siblings

Reality shows have ruled television for quite a while as it is one of the most popular genres amongst television series. These shows have been responsible for kickstarting the careers of many established names in the entertainment industry. Alejandro Aranda is yet another one of those celebrities who has made a name for himself through a reality show.

He is best known for being featured in the 17th season of American Idol. He has never looked back ever since as his career has skyrocketed since his American Idol days. Having been exposed to such talented people and mentors was the best thing that has ever happened to him.

His singing skills have been applauded by fans and critics alike. The judges at American Idol have stated that Alejandro is one of the most talented people that they have ever had an opportunity to work with. Furthermore, they have also stated that American Idol was lucky to have him and he will take on the music industry with a storm. They were also impressed with his songwriting skills as at the audition of the show, he sang an original song which was able to win everyone’s hearth. “He really is a once in a lifetime artist,” they said.

Caption: Alejandro’s American Idol Audition(Source: www.YouTube.com).

Besides being popular as a musician, he is also very famous on social media. The 25-year-old has a whopping 614,000 followers on his ‘scarypoolparty’ Instagram account. On top of that, he also runs a YouTube channel where he posts original as well as cover songs. Thus far, he has been able to amass a fanbase of 68,000 on his ‘Scarypoolparty’ YouTube channel. It is still in its infancy stage and will surely grow with time.

Alejandro Aranda – Family

The 24-year-old has been very secretive about sharing information regarding his loved ones. As he is yet to reveal the names of any of his family members as well as friends. He is a sort of person who believes that the best way to keep your loved ones is by not sharing their information. And that is exactly what he is doing in order to protect his family and friends.

That sadly means that for the time being, we have no information regarding his family members. The identities of his parents, as well as his siblings, are unknown. What we do know about his family is that they have been supportive of him every single step of the way. If it weren’t for his family members, he would never have come this far in his journey to stardom.

Short Bio

Alejandro Aranda was born in Pomona, California in the year, 1994. Sadly, he has not revealed his birth date so, we cannot be sure of his age. But if we go by his birth year, he should be around 25 years old. As per his nationality, he is American and he belongs to Caucasian ethnicity.

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