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Avia Butler Age, Boyfriend, Height, Siblings, Parents

Family YouTube channels have been gaining a lot of attraction lately. And nothing makes it more apparent than the channel which goes by the name of Shaytards. It is amongst the most popular family run channels with more than 5 million subscribers. One of the most crucial members of the family is Avia Butler who is making headways at just 14.

The 14-year-old is best known as the oldest child in the family and that comes with its own perks. As she is one of the more responsible members of the family, she gets to dictate what happens on the channel and where it goes next. Although full control of the channel is in her parent’s hand, she is no slouch either as she also happens to be a singer.

The family-run YouTube channel is best known for everyday blogs that get posted on the channel regularly. It has been running for years and it’s due to that fact that its viewer base has gotten so big so fast. The channel accounts for more than 5 million subscribers with the number increasing every single day.

She released her first single when she was just 10 years of age. The year was 2015 and the fans absolutely loved the song. It has since been watched millions of times on YouTube and the popularity only seems to increase with each passing day. Following that, she has released a few other singles, all of which have been pretty successful on YouTube.

She plans on spreading her wings and join other platforms as she gets older. She also has plans for venturing on her own and starting her own channel. Avia is also pretty famous on other social media platforms such as Instagram where she has close to 125K followers.

Avia Butler – Boyfriend and Family

The 14-year-old does not seem to be in any sort of romantic relationship as of now. She has never mentioned having a boyfriend in any of her social media posts, neither has she admitted to dating anyone. At just 14, she might just be a little too young to be engaged in a romantic relationship. Her social media posts also suggest that she is not dating anyone. Neither is there any historical evidence that suggests that she has ever dated anyone.

As per her family, she was born in a star-studded family as all of her family members are celebrities in their own rights. Her parents are responsible for posting videos on YouTube as well as editing them. Both of her parents have played crucial roles in getting her career to where it currently stands.

Caption: Avia’s parents(Source: Instagram).

Her father goes by the name of Shay Carl Butler and by profession, is a YouTuber. And her mother is named Colette Katy Butler and she does the same thing that her father does. The family is pretty big as besides her parents and herself, there are four other members of the family.

Avia is the firstborn child in her family, she has four siblings whom she has to look after when her parents are not around. She has two brothers who are named Brock and Daxton. She also has two sisters who are named Emmi as well as Gavin, all of whom are younger than Avia.

Short Bio

Avia Butler was born on the 4th of May, 2005 in Idaho. She is currently 14 years of age and by profession, she is a social media star as well as a singer. Avia is best known for being one of the 7 members of the popular YouTube channel, Shaytards. Avia also goes by the epithet of Princesstard. She celebrates her birthday on the 4th of May every single year and she stands in at a height of 4 feet 11 inches.

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