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Brec Bassinger Family, Dating, Boyfriend, Parents

Brec Bassinger is a well-renowned actress in Holywood born in 25th of May, 1999 in a small town west of Fort Worth which is Saginaw, Texas, USA. Her birth name is Brec Marie Bassinger. Berc has her own YouTube Channel.

Recent acting on different shows and films are on work like All Night where she plays a leading role. There are many older shows where she got her fame from Bella and the Bulldogs, The Haunted Hathaways, The Goldbergs, School of Rock. She has also played in some movies like  Liar, Liar, Vampire, Status Update.

Berc photoshoot with a football dress on

Although she had a great success in her acting career she likes sports too. In her early years, she focused on sports rather than beauty pageants and always liked to stay fit. She grew up playing sports like basketball, volleyball, ran track/field, and also became a cheerleader to support her school teams.

Brec Bassinger Family

She is American and belongs to North American ethnicity. Where Bassinger comes from a middle class working family. Where her brothers Beric Bassinger and Brice Bassinger and father, still live in countryside Texas. Father works and operates a Koi fish farm.

But Brec and her mother moved to Los Angeles (LA) to focus on her acting career. Her mom became her manager to support in daily life and be a good parent in need. Someone can’t live separately being in the same family but I don’t know how this family does it.

There is not much to say about her family life but all that matters is she and her family are living a good life.

Brec Bassinger Dating (boyfriend)

Then there is that subject Dating. Looking at a gorgeous successful teenager, she is no stranger to the term boyfriend and yes she is Happily taken by Dylan Summerall. They officially mentioned their relationship at the end of 2017.

Being in a relationship is a very great gift to be in but finding a great partner is something very great. These two are one of the sweetest couples in the game.

Brec Bassinger Health

Although she has a great physical feature and fit in each and every way she got attacked by diabetes at just the age of 8 on Jan 22. She even went online and the news was not good. So, she went to the doctor and her suspicions were right. She was suffering from type 1 diabetes.

She suffered from low blood sugar on set and games too. Where many of her colleagues and friends didn’t know about her situations. It’s funny when we can live with and it’s not something we have to show others and share the pain.

But Brec became strong and stood out where she would raise awareness on her social media like Instagram and Twitter. She is a great influence of this generation and has inspired others to be the same in many situations.

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