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Chynaunique Age, Boyfriend, Dating, Real Name, Family, Siblings

Who does not love to feel the calm and tingling sensation which reaches from spine till your ribs? 20-year-old YouTuber Chynaunique has been able to do so. She creates ASMR videos where she produces a sound of kissing, licking, and chewing from her mouth.

Chyna has gained popularity in YouTube as well as in social media sites. She has created various contents which mostly focuses on ASMR videos other than that she also has her second account where she posts beauty related content. She is also affiliated to her boyfriend’s YouTube channel.


Chyna Unique was born on 31 July 1998 in Austin, Texas. Her real name is actually Chyna Unique as she mentioned that it is even on her birth certificate. Her birth sign is Leo and her height is 5 ft 5 inches. She is an African-American by ethnicity and currently holds the citizenship of America. She graduated from high school when she was 16.

On September 20, 2017, she created her channel with the title ‘Chynaunique ASMR.’ The coming month she created her second YouTube channel ‘Chyna Unique’ where she mainly talks about beauty related stuff. She has got over hundreds of millions of view on her YouTube channel and has more than 1 million subscribers. She is also constantly active in other social media sites where she has hundreds and thousands of followers.


Chyna grew up in a family of father, mother, one older brother, and her two younger sisters. Her sister’s names are Szaidah and Kasedi. Chyna’s parent’s name is still private as well as her brother’s. She and her family are currently residing in Texas.

When it comes to her YouTube content and social activities Chyna’s family are extremely supportive and happy with what she has been doing. Chyna’s siblings have made appearances in some of her YouTube videos as well.


In her first ASMR experience was from YouTube video which was in Spanish, that video put her to sleep. In her childhood, she felt calmed and happy when her parents touched her.

Chyna Unique started uploading ASMR videos as soon as she created her YouTube channel. On October 3, 2017, Chyna uploaded her first YouTube video with the title ‘My First ASMR | Lip Application’. And in just some months she became one of the most viewed ASMR content creators on YouTube. Since then her contents have been viewed thousands and millions of times and her popularity has been on rising since then.

Till the date, Chynaunique’s most popular videos are ‘ASMR | Putting You To Sleep 💤’,’ASMR | Gently Brushing My NewBorn Puppy 😍🐶’ and ‘ASMR | 50 Triggers’ which have been viewed more than 4 million times separately.


She has a boyfriend name, Jordon Estrada. She was in a relationship with Jordan since she was just 14 years old. They have been a boyfriend-girlfriend for a long time. Chynaunique and Jordon Estrada have a joint YouTube channel, Chyna & Jordan, which was created on 27 October 2017. Where they have been able to gain hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Chyna’s boyfriend is also a gamer apart from being a YouTuber.


Since she has made public about the relationship with Jordon, it is clear that they have been dating for ages. They constantly have been uploading videos of them on YouTube. Chyna’s relationship with Jordan is pretty smooth and strong.

Till the date, their dating events have been pretty romantic which make Chyna’s fans more than happy towards their dating life.

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