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Gabriel Zamora Age, Boyfriend, Siblings, Parents, Birthday

Few people have the audacity to be open about being gay, even fewer get famous try to get famous because of it. Gabriel Zamora is one of those people who fall in the latter of the aforementioned categories.

The 26-year-old has made a career out of making beauty tutorials on YouTube. He really knows what he is doing when he uploads content on YouTube. As there is no competition when it comes to males making beauty tutorials. Thanks to his amazing sense of humor and empathic personality, he has been able to do what most people can’t even think of.

Gabriel is super popular throughout social media as he has millions of followers and the number is only growing. Despite being ashamed of being gay, he embraces it and doesn’t care what other’s think. That’s the one trait that he has that no other individual possesses it.

Thus far, the 26-year-old has been able to accumulate a fanbase of more than 937K on Instagram. He posts all sorts of things on his channel including makeup tutorials and pranks on his Instagram account. The male beauty guru is really one of a kind and that’s what makes him so successful.

On top of his Instagram account, Gabriel also runs a YouTube channel, his channel is named ‘Gabriel Zamora’. And the channel has garnered a massive fanbase of close to a million subscribers. Thus far, his self titled YouTube channel has accumulated 901,656 subscribers. He makes a ton of money from his YouTube channel as his videos have been watched more than 100 million times.

Gabriel Zamora – Love Life and Boyfriend

Although Zamora is openly gay and does not have any issues with anyone. He seems to be having a dry love life as all of his social media accounts indicate. Ge gas not dated anyone publically in quite a while as there have been no posts of his potential partners in any of his social media accounts.

Or he might just be keeping his love life a secret and being a good partner. It’s not a bad practice to keep the identity of your loved ones confidential as they might not be comfortable with the limelight that comes free with dating a celebrity.

Short Bio

Gabriel Zamora was born on the 10th of March, 1993, he is currently 26 years of age. By profession, he is a social media influencer who runs a YouTube channel with around 1 million subscribers. He was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Not much is known about his family as he has chosen to keep his family life a secret for the time being. All we know about his family is the fact that he has a younger sister whose name is not disclosed. He did post a picture of himself with his mother a while back on Instagram.

Caption: Gabriel with his mother(Source: www.instagram.com).

That’s just about all the information that we have on him as he has not revealed anything about his siblings. Neither has he revealed any information regarding his parents. The 26-year-old celebrates his birthday on the 10th of March.

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