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Jacob Latimore Girlfriend, Dating, Parents, Siblings, Family

Having mastery over more than one discipline is quite rare. Most people are unable to find success one, let alone master two disciplines. This particular individual that we are talking about seems to be a master of two distinct disciplines. Jacob Latimore is a musician, a vocalist as well as an actor.

The 21-year-old started his journey as an R&B singer back in the year 2012. He was pretty successful as a singer and had sold thousands of albums in a couple of years. His single which was titled “This is me ” was featured on the OMZ Girlz. Things were going smoothly for him in his life as a full-time musician.

But then one day he decided to try his hands in acting. Although he had acted before, it was not on the big stage. In 2018, he began his journey as an actor when he started starring on the hit Showtime drama ‘The Chi’. Since then, he has been cast in several big screens as well as small screen ventures including the likes of ‘Along’, ‘Detroit’ and ‘Collateral Beauty’.

His career as an actor is as successful as his career as a musician. That’s why we mentioned that he has mastered two distinct arts. His transition from a singer to an actor was seamless. As he did not take any time to adapt to the new discipline.

Three of his songs have been featured on 106 & Park’s Hip-Hop Countdown. Which is an achievement on his own? His film debut came before his singing debut as his first role in a movie can be traced as far back as 2010. That’s when he started acting on the movie named ‘Vanishing on 7th Street’.

Jacob’s Family.

Jacob’s parents go by the name of Jacob Latimore Sr. and Letitia Latimore. The 21-year-old was lucky to be born in such a supporting family as if it were not for his family, he would never have made it this far in his journey.

His father and uncle used to run a rock band which went by the name of Latimore Brothers. His passion for singing comes from his family as his father has been really helpful in furthering his career as an actor.

Besides his parents and uncle, his family consists of three other members. All of whom are his siblings. He has three sisters who’re names and ages is yet to be disclosed.

Short Bio and Love Life

Jacob Latimore was born on the 10th of August, 1996. He is currently 22 years of age. He was born in the Caribbean city of Milwaukee, WI. Jacob’s birth sign is Leo and he belongs to mixed ethnicity.

Not much is known about his love life yet. The 22-year-old wants to keep his love life confidential and his loved ones safe. Thus far, he has not been spotted dating anyone, neither is there any evidence that suggests that he has ever been engaged in a romantic relationship. Therefore, he does not have a girlfriend and is as single as a lonely chicken.

Recently, he was offered a role in the upcoming American Romantic comedy film named ‘The Last Summer’. He took the role and is currently waiting for the premiere of the series.

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