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Kim Marie Kessler Randy Orton, Age, Bio, Wiki, Kids, Wedding

There are many factors that can make people famous in this day and age. Getting married to an already established celebrity is definitely one of those factors. As Kim Marie Kessler found out by getting married to one of the biggest names in the sports entertainment industry.

Kim is married to Randy Orton who is one of the biggest wrestlers on the block. He is one of WWE’s biggest and most experienced wrestlers with more than a decade of being associated with the industry.

She was not always famous as not many people had heard of Kim before her association with the wrestling behemoth. The real turning point in her career came when she announced her wedding with Randy Orton.

Besides her association with Randy Orton, there is not much information available about her on the internet because of her not being as famous as her other half. Most of her fame comes because of her association with Randy.

Although she is not a media personality by herself, she has been interviewed several times. Most of the times, the interviewers like to ask questions regarding her love life and her career. Before her association with Randy, she was a big wrestling fan and did not use to miss many WWE shows. She had seen Randy as her husband way before Randy even got to know her.

We all know what happened after the couple met as the two have been in a relationship for quite a while now. And this time, it does not seem like it’s going anywhere as the couple does not seem to be in a hurry to break up.

Kim’s Wedding with Randy Orton.

Kim started dating Randy after Randy had been separated with his first wife. Samantha Speno. Samantha used to be a gym instructor as well as a health guru.

Kim, who is a mother of three had to work extra hard to get married to the WWE superstar as she had to handle a job, three kids and have an active dating life.

At the end of the day, her hard work paid off as Randy and Kim got engaged in July of 2015. The venue was Bora Bora. As Randy grabbed the perfect opportunity as he proposed to her while the two were on a vacation.

Caption: Kim with her husband Randy Orton(Source: www.instagram.com).

The couple also shares a child together as She got pregnant in 2016 and gave birth to a daughter whom the couple decided to name Brooklyn Rose Orton.

They got married four months later in November 2015. Randy is very fond of Kim’s kids as he spends a lot of time with them and shares their pictures on social media. The step-siblings also go along quite well as they live in the same house.

Short Bio

As per a wiki source, Kim Marie Kessler was born In New York City. There is not much information about her available anywhere as she is not as famous as her husband. Not much is known about her date of birth as well as age.

All we know about her is that she holds nationality and is about 34 years. Kim Marie Kessler is a proud mother of three and is the wife of the famous wrestler, Randy Orton.

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