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Tray Bills Age, Sister, Height, Net Worth, Family, Siblings

Tray Bills is a musician and an actor from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The musician rose in prominence with his debut single titled ‘killin my dad’ which was released on Soundcloud. He took the hip hop scene with a storm with his debut album which was loved by millions of people around the world.

On top of that, Tray also runs two YouTube channels named “Chris and Tray” which he runs with his vlogger friend Chris Gilly. And another channel which is titled after himself. Both of his channels have grown quite a lot since their inception. The former has close to a million subscribers on YouTube while the later still has an impressive 189,000 subscribers despite the lack of content on the channel.

Tray is also quite popular on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. The Rapper has 116k followers on Twitter and close to 700k followers on his Instagram account. We can be sure that this 23-year-old has a lot to offer since his career as a mainstream Rapper has just started.

Tray Bills’ Family

This upcoming Rapper from Atlanta has chosen to keep his parent’s identity a secret. We can’t be sure why he doesn’t want to disclose his family’s information. But people have speculated that it may be because of privacy reasons. The 23-year-old has been very shy about all the members of his family since we don’t know anything about them yet.

Caption: Familia Anta Omina(source:www.instagram.com)

All the information that we have about his family is that the 23-year-old has two siblings. He was raised alongside his two siblings. We don’t have much information on the matter but, one of them is a sister and the other one is a brother. That’s all the information that we have about Tray’s family for now.

How much is Tray Bills worth?

Although Tray has not revealed any information regarding his net worth to the public yet. People have made some educated guesses regarding his earnings through social media and album sales. Although it is not official yet, Tray’s Net worth should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 0.3 million dollars.

That estimation comes after we have factored all of his social media accounts and album sales — especially YouTube which is the main source of his revenue as far as we know. So, till Tray Bills reveals his official net worth, we can be sure that he is at least worth USD 300,000.

Short Bio

The young Rapper was born on the 25th of August,1995. His current age is 23. He was born and raised by his parents in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The 23-year-old has not revealed any information regarding his family or parents to the media yet.

Tray is a handsome young man with a very average and attractive body structure. The rapper has won many hearts with his glowing face and killer smile. The 23-year-old stands in at a height of 5feet 10 inches and weigh an impressive 73 Kilograms.

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