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Tray Rush Age, Girlfriend, Dating, Family, Net Worth

Not a normal father?? Tray Rush is the name you wanna hear. The Canadian was able to become a YouTube star. All thanks to his vlogs which shows the life of a father in an interracial family.

From just being a father of 3 children he has also collaborated a video with Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. Tray most of the time uploads video of pranks, challenges, travel and story time videos. And now he is an inspiration both to his family and to all the father’s out there in the world.


Tray Rush was born in Toronto, Canada on February 19, 1989. His zodiac sign is Pisces and his current age is 30 years. No information regarding his academics has been said till the time.

Tray Rush is a father of three children in an interracial family. He runs a YouTube channel called ‘The Rush Fam.’ He posts vlogs and other videos showing about his family and the activities he does with his family. After quitting his current job he is now a full-time Youtuber.


Tray Rush always had a dream of entering into the entertainment industry. But in his teens, he shifted his dream into becoming an NBA player so he moved to L.A. after getting a scholarship in basketball. But due to his bad luck, he had to move back to Toronto to take care of his cousin as later decided not to move back to L.A.

In order to earn his living, he met Kesha who recommended him to make YouTube videos. Initially, his channel name was ‘Today with Tray’ but later changed into ‘The Rush Fam.’ His channel consisted of various types of videos. Including his wedding and proposal to Kesha.

It was not easy to gain popularity in YouTube just by posting out random daily stuff so he started making challenge, prank and travel videos with his family including his vlogs. Slowly he started to gain popularity and he even had a video made with the prime minister of Canda where they would speak about certain issues that the Canadian prime minister had wanted to talk about. Soon he became a YouTube star is his popularity has been on rising since then.


Tray Rush who was in long run relationship with Kesha and was later married. He is the father of two children. Kameiro was born on November 24, 2009, and Cali was born on January 11, 2014. They have their own YouTube channel called ‘FamousTubeKIDS’. Sometimes they make an appearance in his YouTube channel.

Even if Tray shows how his family and how their life is going on he tends to have his parent’s live private and respect their privacy. So no information about his father and mother are provided due to which their whereabouts are still unknown.


When talking about his girlfriend Tray has only mentioned Kesha his now wife. So we can supposedly say that Kesha is the only girlfriend he has ever been in a relationship with. We can say that he is a family guy so his chance of having another girlfriend is less likely to happen in the coming days. Therefore, he is not in dating and ‘Let’s Go Out Together‘ game currently

Net Worth

After quitting out from his job Tray has been working in making just YouTube content. His main source of income has been YouTube. After his 1 million subscribers and has more than hundreds of millions of viewers from his video, he has been earning a decent amount of money. On top of that, he also earns by advertising from his channel and by promoting and sponsorship of the product.

Now his popularity has been growing day by day and uploading a video on a daily basis he has been earned quite a lot. Yet his total net worth is still unknown. As for his earning his estimated earning is around $43.3k – $639.2k per anum which is presented by ‘socialblade.com.’

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