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Yumi Nagashima Age, Bio, Height, Boyfriend, Nationality

In the world of entertainment, there are loads of things you can do to get famous. This particular lady from Tokyo grabbed everyone’s attention by being a stand-up comedian. Yumi Nagashima is a Japanese comedian who is making headways throughout the world with her wonderful sense of humor.

like most people nowadays, Yumi had humble beginnings as she was born and raised in the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. But as she learned the hard way, she couldn’t stay there forever. So, she went out on a journey to showcase her talent in Vancouver.

Caption: Yumi in one of her shows(source:www.instagram.com)

While in Vancouver, she would go on and become the finalist in the popular comedy competition, “Yuk Off Competition. She took everyone by a surprise as she was there for the first time and the other participants had not seen her.

She will soon be Joining a huge group of comedians which includes 604 record comedians in a show named Busload of the Fun tour later this year. The reason why she has been able to amass all the riches is because of the simple fact that she is really cheeky.

Her nationality is reflected in her comedy shows as she is identifiable from her accent alone. Her cheeky comedy explores tropes of her Japanese heritage and the taboo of sex and womanhood.

She loves making fun of everyone as she is a comedian and making fun is how they get paid. Her humor is not one-sided though as she mixes comedy with education pretty well. Her comedy also provides much-needed insights on popular topics such as what’s considered taboo in Japan and much more.

Yumi’s Love Life.

As per her love life, we could not find any conclusive evidence to prove that she is in a loving relationship. We could not find any info regarding her current boyfriend as well as her past relationships.

As per her past boyfriends, there is literally no mention of any of her past boyfriends anywhere on the internet. So, for now, it should be safe to assume that this comedian from Japan is indeed single as there is no information on any of her past or present boyfriends.

Short Bio

Yumi Nagashima was born on the 23rd of December 1992. Her current age is 28 years. By profession, she is an announcer, a comedian as well as an actress who has appeared in some TV series. The 28-year-old stands in at a height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs an impressive 41KG.

She was born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Kansai region, Japan. Her family would later move to Tokyo where Yumi’s career as a comedian would kick off. After having a pretty successful career in comedy in Japan. Yumi wanted to explore what the rest of the world had in stock for her. As she moved to Vancouver and competed in a come talent show. She would finish second in the competition.

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