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Addison Riecke Age, Boyfriend, Family, Dating, Birthday

Youngsters are making headlines everywhere and here we have yet another addition to that list of youngsters. Addison Riecke is an actress who made a name for herself by appearing on the hit Nickelodeon series ‘The Thundermans’ she was portrayed as Nora Thunderman on the series.

The 15-year-old is one of the most successful actresses in her age class. It would be very difficult to find another youngster who has achieved so much in their lives. Besides being a successful Television actress, she has also appeared in several commercials.

She has also won many awards over the years, the most notable of which are IPOP Winner Monologue Award, IPOP Child Actor of the Year Award. And many more. She has accomplished a lot in her brief career as an actress and has plans of reaching even greater heights in the upcoming years.

Her career as an actress started at the tender age of 4. Since then, she has not looked back and is hell-bent on reaching newer heights as an actress. In just a year in the mainstream, she has accomplished such feats that most people can’t in their lifetime.

The youngster also aspires to be a philanthropist and she has already started giving money to funds. Addison is actively involved in anti-bullying campaigns and loves to help people who need her help.

She recently helped to raise $10,000 for a non-profit initiative that goes by the name of Write Brain Books. The organization is centered around providing facilities to the underserved children across the United States.

Addison’s Love Life

The 15-year-old is still far too young to be engaged in a romantic relationship. Addison Riecke is currently single and is too focused on her career as an actress. It seems like the youngster does not have any time for love as she has to constantly move for her work.

Addison has never been in a romantic relationship, neither does she wish to do so in the near future. The 15-year-old wants to make a name for herself in Hollywood, only then will she think about having a boyfriend. She has never been spotted dating.

Short Bio

Addison Riecke was born on the 26th of January, 2004. Her birthplace is Covington, Louisiana. The 15-year-old started her career as an actress at the age of four when she was cast in a TV commercial.

She would not look back at her life and by the age of 8, she had appeared in ABC’s How To Live With Your Parents. She then decided to go further with her career in acting and by the age of 15, she has a recurring role in a hit Nickelodeon series.

Her parents go by the name of Jared Ricke and Jeanne Riecke. Both of whom have been super supportive of Addison. They have been by her side ever since her birth. And have provided everything that she needed in order to succeed in her life. Addison celebrates her birthday on the 26th of January.

She helped raised a significant sum of $4,000 for the tornado victims back in 2013. She has also developed a taste for cooking and is very fond of baking. Addison can also play a lot of instruments including the likes of guitar, ukulele, and the piano.

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