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Andre Swilley Age, Height, Family, Sister, Girlfriend

Andre Swilley was born on May 16, 1998, is an American social-media personality has gained fame from his musical.ly videos. Full birth name of Andre is Andre D’Armpnd Swilley. Where it has provided a platform to many rising talents like Andre to reach the level of popularity.

His incredible videos have already earned millions of ‘musical.ly’ “hearts”. Andre has registered his presence on other social media platforms, too, but has not received a similar fan following there. Filling the gap in his life grinding and working hard to get the fame is his job.

Andre Swilley Physical Feature (Age, Height)

Andre is currently us in his early twenties and currently stays in Los Angeles, California.  Most importantly growing up in the country-side must have been wonderful for his health and made him the person he is now.

He belongs to mixed ethnicity and has a tall height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Although of his small height he is a handsome, charming looking gentleman.

Andre’s Family (Siblings)

Andre Swilley has five members in his family including two sisters. Information about his parents is confined, but he is the youngest of the three children of his parents.

He along with his family spent some time in Dallas and Fort Worth before moving to Arlington. Therefore, their family has a lot to do for moving from place to place just find another place to live which can be hard for anyone.

Andre’s Partner (Girlfriend)

In the world, there seems that most of the people are already taken but Andre is single ya’ll. This might not be a surprise to most of his fan followers because he only posts his single pics and with his fans sometimes.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of for not having a partner. To clarify among other people who are looking for a relationship with him I will say “go for it”. It’s safe to say that he is more focused in work-life building his empire so, he is not been able to experience those moments.

Andre’s Net Worth

Finding a career in social media is not as easy as it seems to be. It takes a lot of time, energy finding the right thing to get a good grip to hold on to and rise using that tool. Andre career boomed form Vine after posting comedy videos under the username andreaf. Then he moved to Musical.ly posting his Lip-Synching videos. Where he has garnered over 3 million fans.

We can assume Andre Swilley net worth is in a six-digit figure. But what’s the figure of Andre Swilley net worth? As of 2018, Andre Swilley net worth is about 100K and rising.

He recently launched his music in his YouTube channel entitled ACCIDENTS featuring Cookie Cutters.

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