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Angelica Hale Birthday, Family, Siblings, Parents, AGT

This young singer from Atlanta, Georgia is raising eyebrows around the world with her emphatic voice. The 11-year-old is among the few successful people in their age class. Angelica Hale has had a pretty successful career thus far. This teen sensation is also massively popular on social media with her energy. Although she is an 11-year-old, when she starts singing, she seems nothing less than an adult.

Angelica Hale is famous for being a competitor on the 12th season of America’s Got Talent (AGT). A reality show that helps raw talent find their way to stardom. Angelica finished the season being the first runner up in the competition.

The eleven-year-old is also super popular on social media as she already has more than half a million followers on her Instagram account. On top of that, Angelica also has more than a million followers on her self titled YouTube channel. It seems like this young girl from the states was born to succeed. For now, everything she is touching is turning to gold.

Angelica Hale’s Family

Angelica was born in a pretty modest family with a couple of amazing parents. Unlike most other celebrities these days, Angelica has not been secretive about her family life. According to Angelica, she was born in the best family in the whole world and she has the best parents in the world.

Her father’s name is James Hale, he is the one who is responsible for producing all of the videos on Angelica’s channel. James is the one who created the channel and is managing it till today. Without him, we would not have one of the most iconic tweens in the world currently. As per her mother, we have very little information on her. All we know about Angelica’s mother is that her name is Eva Bolando (not Hale). She chose not to change her surname after her marriage.

Besides her parents, Angelica also has a sibling, little sister who is named Abigail Hale. The two are very close and Abigail can be seen in a lot of videos on Angelica’s YouTube channel as well as her Instagram posts.

Caption: Angelica with her little sister(source:www.instagram.com)

Angelica often posts photos of her sibling i.e. her little sister in Instagram. Her mother Eva and Dad James post photos of her and her sister on their Instagram too. They are very supportive of her career which can be known from their love we can see on their social media.

Short Bio

Angelica Hale, born July 31st, 2007 is a young singer from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She is famous for appearing in the 12th season of America’s got talent where she finished second. Angelica is currently competing in the 1st season of America’s Got Talent: The Champions. Her act was amongst the best in the audition rounds as she received a golden buzzer from the judge, Howie Mandel. Angelica sang the popular inspirational song ‘Fight Song’ in order to receive the Golden Buzzer.

The 11-year-old celebrates her birthday on the 31st of July.  Angelica reportedly has half Filipino, Half Caucasian origins which is weird any way you look at it. Her mother is from Iligan City, Philippines.

Angelica is also trying out her hand in the acting business as she is going to be featured in the movie named “American Reject”. Which will be released sometime in 2019. Her voice will also be featured in the upcoming animated series “Maya Unstoppable”. The television series will also premiere sometime in 2019.

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