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Avi Angel Age, Height, Net Worth, Birthday, Family

Being born in a famous family you can’t resist but become famous yourself. Avi angel is one of those people who found fame because of their family. Thanks to his family, he has already starred in multiple big screen ventures. He has already become famous and his career has just started.

Besides being born in a famous family, this is what made him rise to fame. He has starred in multiple hit movies including the likes of Jolene(2008), Crossroads (2017) and Andi Mack(2017).

The 13-year-old is also a major social media star as he has already amassed a fanbase of 157,000 followers. His Instagram account is handled by his parents as he is still a little too young to be doing that sort of stuff.

The teenager is a big fan of Brianna D’Amico and was overwhelmed with joy when he got to meet her. He posted a picture with Brienna on his Instagram account. The picture has garnered thousands of likes.

He has always had a passion for getting into the fashion industry. And to achieve his dream of being a fashion icon. The 13-year-old was spotted taking part in the Arizona Fashion Week 4 Kids.

Avi’s Family

Unlike most people, he was born into a family who is filled with celebrities. His parents who are now their children’s managers are very supportive of Avi. It’s thanks to all the hard work that his parents had to put in behind the scenes that he is where he is now.

Avi’s mother Coco is the one who is responsible for fulfilling all his needs when he is travelling. She has made it a mission of her life to travel with her children and take care of them.

His father Jodi has always taken the responsibility of making sure that his children don’t lose their ways. He has always thought of the best of his family and taken necessary steps to prevent any mishaps.

Caption: Avi with Asher on the set of Shazam(source: www.instagram.com).

Avi surely has been blessed with famous siblings as his Brother, Asher is a bigger star than him. Asher has been starred in several big screen ventures over the years including the likes of Andi Mack. And one of the biggest movies that came out this year, Shazam.

He also has another famous sibling and this one is younger than him. His little sister who goes by the name of Landon Blue Angel is also a social media superstar. She has more than 60,000 followers on her Instagram account. And like Avi, her account is also handled by her parents.

Short Bio and Net Worth

As per a wiki source, Avi Angel was born on the 10th of January, 2006. He is currently 13 years of age. By profession, Avi is a social media star as well as an actor. He is best known for being the little brother of Asher Angel.

Avi Angel stands in at a height of a not so impressive 4 feet 2 inches. He weighs around 32KG’s which is not much but he is just a teenager. He celebrates his birthday on the 10th of January every year.

As per his net worth, according to our reports, the 13-year-old should be worth around $500,000. That’s taking into account all of his assignments as an actor as well as television commercials that he has been a part of over the years.

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