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Carter Sharer Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Dating, Family

Internet celebrities are everywhere nowadays, but this particular one stands out from everyone else. What makes Carter Sharer different from almost every other internet celebrity is the sheer versatility that he possesses. His YouTube channel is filled with content that ranges across different genres.

He is a teacher, an entertainer, a philanthropist all bundled up into one neat package. Carter is surely one of the most unorthodox content creators on YouTube if not the entire internet. People love his content because of the sheer energy that he brings to the table while he makes them. His videos are so energetic that he is almost unrivaled when it comes to that aspect of making content on YouTube.

It’s because of all of the aforementioned things that carter has been able to grow his fanbase and now he stands in at 3.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel alone. Most of his videos don’t have any trouble crossing a million views as most of his videos are on the right side of million than the wrong one. A lot of his videos also cross the 10 million mark as a lot of his videos do cross that mark quite easily.

Carter’s Love Life and Girlfriend

Being a YouTuber with millions of followers it should come to no one’s surprise that he is loved by many and millions of girls would want to date him. Being as good looking as him does not hurt as well. Finding a girlfriend should be the least of his worries.

The 25-year-old was reportedly dating a beautiful girl who goes by the name of Renata Erickson from early 2017 to late 2018. They were really into each other as both of their social media profiles were filled with pictures of each other. After more than a year of dating, the celebrity couple parted ways on good terms. On July 2018, Carter officially announced that he is no longer in a relationship with Renata.

Following his breakup with Renata, the youtube sensation started dating fellow YouTube star, Lizzy Sharer. Though the two had known each other since 2012, it was only during the latter half of 2018 that the two started dating. Carter has been dating her since then and people have also speculated that the two may get married sometime in 2019.

Carter’s Family

Carter has been a little shy when it comes to his parents. The 25-year-old is yet to be public about his mother or father. So, for the time being, we have no information regarding his parents. We do have a little info about his siblings though.

Carter was raised alongside his two siblings who also happen to be his best friends. He has an older sister named Grace who has been featured in some videos in Grace’s YouTube channel. He also has an older brother who goes by the name of Stephen. Stephen who is older than Grace has also been featured multiple times in Grace’s YouTube channel.

Short Bio

Grace Sharer was born on the 23rd of October, 1993. His current age is 25 years. Grace’s sun sign is Libra and by profession, he is a YouTuber as well as a social media influencer. His hometown is Virginia, USA. By nationality, he is an American.

As per his net worth, the 25-year-old is worth around $2M. This is factoring in his YouTube channel and the number of views on his videos. His net worth is also affected heavily by the fact that he has a lot of sponsors on his channel.

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