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Charles Osgood Age, Wife, Married, Salary, Net Worth

Charles Osgood is the anchor of CBS News Sunday Morning and The Osgood File on the CBS Radio Network. He is very popular in the country and one of the audience’s choice VJ and RJ. Also, famous for his graceful, witty reporting which he tells in verse and often delivers his trademark bow tie.

Charles illuminates the world’s most exciting stories and in the process reveal to his devoted viewers and listeners something previously unknown even sometimes about themselves.

Charles has received highest accolades in broadcast journalism. He is a four-time Emmy Award and a three-time winner of the George Foster Peabody Award. Charles was also placed in the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 1990.


Charles Osgood was born on January 8, 1933. His current age is 86 years old and has married Jean Crafton on December 5, 1973. The couple has five children and three grandchildren. Kathleen, Winston, Annie, Emily, Jamie are their offsprings. Jeanie, Annee, and Winston live with them in their New York apartment. It was 44 years of her marriage in 2018.

The home of the couple is stunningly beautiful in the south of France with the Mediterranean views. Their house is a place to cherish their leisure. Jean in an interview with CBS news said that it was very seductive there and encouraged one to be lazy. They relax in the house getting up late and eating and drinking too much. Both husband and wife take a couple of naps during the day which they last until cocktail time.

When Jean remembered about their first date, which she is always confused to whether call it a “date” or not as the first time Charles ever asked her to go out was to a basketball game. Charles even tried to convince her that it was romantic, but Jean gave a straight No. With lots of sense humor, Charles decided to ignore her answer by saying she had to arrange her sock drawer.

Charles also has a grand piano that occupies his time and most of the living room. He has also written French songs enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. He also has the man who knows the value of objects according to the memory they carry. Charles bought that Steinway piano from CBS as it has historical importance and also owned Columbia records. Glenn Gould used the piano for his first recording of Goldberg variation. Also, Mitch Miller used it for every one of his “Sing Along With Mitch’ records,” and played a vital role in the Frank Sinatra recordings.

Net Worth

Charles Osgood is the name which every American radio listeners and ‘Sunday Morning’ lovers love to hear. The man has spent most of his life giving to make his show more informative and entertaining. Although there is no public facts and information of Charles property of his net worth and salary, according to payscale.com, average CBS Radio Show Host salary is $53,192.

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