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Chelsea Winstanley Age, Son, Husband, Wedding, Ethnicity, Family

Entertainment is the key factor of every person on earth. One needs a break periodically from their hectic schedule to feel relaxed and be consistently focused on their work. Every person has a different method of entertaining themselves. So e like to chit chat with their friends, someone like to take a tour or someone needs to enjoy the taste of literature. Similarly, the drama is one of the entertaining parts of literature.

Likewise, with the development of civilization, the way of presenting drama started changing. Also, with the use of technology, people started making movies and series. Movies have a wide range of production costs and a highly dedicated team who work together for the purpose of justifying the written story. And producers and directors are those leaders of any movies who play an important role in coordinating everyone and to get the best of all the actors.

In the list of producers and actors, females have also been participating with men. Even women are also giving remarkable and unforgettable contents to the audience. Likewise, Chelsea Winstanley is the name of those female producers who have successfully established their name in the industry.

Chelsea Winstanley is an award-winning filmmaker. She has worked as a director and a producer. Chelsea has also made many movies and series. With the course of progress of her career, she has gone through many ups and downs in her life.


The family is an important part of everyone’s life. The support from the family is like the fuel of a rocket. One can reach the height of success when he or she gets support from their family. And women are the soul of the family. They play a major role in making four walls a house. It is a culture of our society that with a lot of sacrifices, a girl also has to leave their birth house. Also, there are many challenges and hurdles for women after their marriage.

One of the sacrifices is leaving their creativity and engage themselves in household work. But with the development, women are also equally participating in a professional career and are achieving a lot. And Chelsea Winstanley is one of those who is in the height of their success with the support from their family. Chelsea Winstanley married Taka Waititi who is also a part of Hollywood and is also a director. They had a memorable wedding ceremony. He has been very supportive to build the career. Taka is the director of the famous movie “Thor.”

The couple has gone through many misunderstanding, challenges, and struggles in their relationship. Similarly, Taka has been very supportive to save the prestige of his wife. Chelsea was able to stand and speak about being sexually harassed with the trust and love from her husband. She confessed about the harassment in an interview with The New Zealand Herald. Chelsea claimed that she was harassed by a camera operator and complained to the producer. She was directing the 2009 series “One Land.”This incident was very scary and she was passive in the film industry for the next eight years. The couple has daughters Te Karinga who is six years old and Matewa of age two. They have no son.

Chelsea Winstanley’s Short Bio

On 1976, Chelsea Winstanley was born. Her current age is 42 years old. When it comes to ethnicity, she is from New Zealand which means she decently white. She returned to the direction for the 2017 feature film “Waru.” Then she was also part of the project of the documentary of her inspiration Maori filmmaker Merata Mita. Chelsea was awarded the 2014 SPADA Screen Industry Awards Independent Producer of the Year, shared with her husband.

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