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Devenity Perkins Age, Siblings, Boyfriend, Parents, Family, Birthday

TikTok has been a starting point for many celebrities over the years the app has been behind some of the most notable names in the entertainment business. Devenity Perkins is one of those people who started their career with TikTok. And then moved on to other factions of the internet like YouTube and Instagram.

Twins are very popular on TikTok as I am yet to see twins account with less than 1000 followers. And amongst the twins are the Perkins sisters. Who are quite definitely one of the most popular twins on the platform? Diversity along with her sister Daniella run a TikTok account which goes by the name of ‘PerkinsSisters’.

The sisters TikTok account has garnered more than 2.5 million followers on the platform. And that number is only growing. As time goes on we should not be surprised to see the PerkinsSisters headlining TikTok with their immaculate chemistry.

Besides being popular on TIkTok, the PerkinsSisters have shifted their attention to other factions of social media. They recently launched a YouTube channel which goes by the name of ‘PerkinsSisters’ their channel has also grown quite a bit in popularity as they have quickly acquired more than 80,000 followers on the YouTube channel.

They are also quite popular on Instagram as they have more than 136,000 followers on the social media platform. Besides being popular on social media the twins are also super popular as models as they have signed multiple modeling contracts.

Devenity Perkins also runs her private Instagram account on which she has acquired 453k followers. Seems like the twins cannot put a step wrong when it comes to social media. At the age of 15 Devenity is one of the most promising young celebrities on the internet as she has quickly acquired millions of followers on her social media accounts.

Devenity Perkins Family

Although Devenity is very open about other factions of her life. She seems to be shy about her family as she has not revealed any information regarding her parents to the public. For the time being, we don’t have any info about her parents.

We do have lots of info regarding her siblings though. Like her sister, Daniella is one half of her social media partner. Daniella is the other half of the PerkinsSisters. Besides being social media partners, Daniella is also her best friend. According to Devenity, if she did not have to do anything, she would hang out with her sister all day long. This goes to show how much she loves her sister.

Divinity’s Boyfriend and love life

The social media superstar is currently single as there is no information regarding her boyfriend. She has not been engaged in a romantic relationship ever since her breakup with fellow social media star Landon Barker.

The couple dated for the good part of a year in 2016 and according to them, that was the best time of their lives. But like all good things in life, it has to come to an end and their relationship ended in late 2016.

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