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Dustin Hurt Net Worth, Age, Bio, Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Height

Discovery channel is home to some of the biggest shows on the planet. ‘Gold Rush’ is one of the biggest shows on the channel and has been one of the biggest sources of the channel’s revenue. And Dustin Hurt has been one of the channel’s biggest servants having been featured in multiple seasons of the show, he is one of the most prominent members.

The show revolves around several groups who try their hardest to dig up gold. Although the show features a lot of failed attempts, there are success stories too, Dustin Hurt is one of the more successful people on the show having dug a lot of gold. His story is full of controversies though as his feud with his father almost led to them exchanging blows.

But despite all things, Dustin remains a firm member of the Dakota Boys. Their feud was resolved later and the two are in good terms once again. He’s been working with heavy machinery for several years and that has led him to pursue a career in gold digging. He is trying to make the most of his career as a gold digger. And make as much money as he can during the process.

Before being a gold digger, he used to work as a wildland firefighter for the California Forest Service. It’s only later down in his career that he decided to try his hands in gold digging. He’s always had a nag for adventures as he would often find himself in remote locations for really long periods of time.

His love for adventure is still going strong as even now when he is not washing rocks, he sets out to the wilderness. And explores the unknown, some people find pleasure in that.

Dustin Hurt – Family and Girlfriend

Dustin is a married man and has been since 2016, he tied the knots with his longtime girlfriend, ArinAlhum Handon. Prior to their wedding, the couple dated each other for a long time. It’s only after having spent a considerable amount of time together, the couple decided to tie the knots.

Dustin Hurt Wife

Dustin Hurt With His Wife (source: www.realitystarfacts.com)

However, very little is known about his wife as he has not been a very open man about his relationships. She has rarely been spotted publically, neither has she ever been mentioned by Dustin. We don’t even know if the couple has children or not. They have been very secretive about their relationship and at what stage it is.

As per his family, his father goes by the name of Dakota Fred Hurt and is the leader of the family. He and his brothers call themselves the Dakota Boys. The name of the band comes from their father’s name. His father happens to be a veteran gold miner from North Dakota. The information regarding his siblings are not available, it’s unclear whether he has any siblings or not. His mother goes by the name of Lorrayne Hurt.

Short Bio

Dustin Fred was born in 1977 in New Orleans in Louisiana. His exact birth date is not available. He is currently 42 years of age and by profession, he is a gold miner as well as a television star. Dustin is best known for his role in the hit Discovery series, Gold Rush. He stands in at a height of 5 feet 10 inches and weight 70KG.

As per his net worth, the gold digger from New Orleans is estimated to be worth, $1 million. Most of his wealth comes from gold digging. He also makes quite a bit of money through his association with the Discovery channel. But his primary source of income remains gold mining.

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