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Elle McBroom Age, Birthday, Parents, Mom, Sister

Social media stars seem to be getting younger every day. And here we have possibly the most famous two-year-old in the entire world. Elle McBroom is a social media phenomenon at the age of two.

At just two, she already has more than 4.8 million subscribers on her self titled Instagram account. The channel is run by her parents who are super famous on their own rights.

Being born in a famous family, you can’t stay away from fame and this little girl has surpassed all expectations. This little girl was famous even before she was born.

Her family runs YouTube channel is possibly the biggest family channel on the platform. As thus far, the channel has been able to garner up a fanbase of over 15 million. That number is crazy even for people as famous as the Ace family.

The family’s YouTube channel is named ‘The Ace Family’. The channel is run by Elle’s parents and has a significant fanbase. The channel was created in 2017. And in little more than two years, the channel has been able to amass hundreds of millions of views.

It’s harder to find videos that have less than a million views on the channel than those that have. Elle is extremely lucky to be born in such a famous and rich family. The 2-year-old is a social media phenomenon and is famous almost everywhere on the internet.

The channel is in many ways a timeline of Elle’s life as it contains videos of her birth. And everything that has happened to her ever since her birth. No wonder, it has been able to amass such a big fanbase.

Elle’s Family

The two-year-old was born to parents Austin McBroom and Catherine Piaz. Austin is a former NBA heavyweight player and has won several awards in the field of basketball.

Caption: Elle with her dad (Source: www.instagram.com)

Her mom, Catherine used to be a fitness model. She would later quit her regular job in favor of social media. Catherine has converted herself to a social media star who commands over 30 million followers.

Besides her parents, she also has a little sister who goes by the name of Alaia. Alaia was born in 2018 and is almost a year older than Elle. Her uncle, who goes by the name of Landon McBroom is also a famous social media superstar.

Short Bio

Elle McBroom was born Elle Lively McBroom on the 28th of May, 2016. She is just two years of age and already commands a fanbase of millions. She was born somewhere in the state of California. And her zodiac sign is Gemini.

The 2-year-old is famous for her Instagram account which is managed by her parents. She is also an integral part of the YouTube channel ‘The Ace Family’ which has more than 15 million subscribers. The social media phenomenon has been famous for as long as she has lived. She celebrated both of her birthdays with her parents.

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