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Fortune Feimster Wife, Gay, Married, Fiance, Height, Net Worth

Comedy is a delicate art, one that not everyone can pull off. Very few find success in it and even fewer make a career out of it. Meet Fortune Feimster, a 38-year-old Canadian who has made a name for herself through comedy. She is not just a stand-up comedian but a proud member of the LGBTQ community. Fortune is also equally successful on the small screen as she is as a comedian.

Her career can be traced way back to the ’90s as she used to write for an entertainment blog prior to moving to Los Angeles. She worked for the blog for the better part of seven years before finally moving to LA. Little that she knew that it would be the turning point in her life as it would be where she found all of her fortune and fame.

She slowly made her way to the top as a comedian, one step at a time. It was a long and slow process but the rewards were huge and that’s what incentivized her to carry on with her journey. After years of hard work and determination, she would become a full-time comedian. She was the happiest person alive when she landed on her dream job.

Fortune now stands as a writer, an actress as well as a successful stand-up comedian. She has written and performed for E!’s Chelsea Lately and landed recurring roles in Hulu’s The Mindy Project. 

She has also been able to amass a significant net worth for herself. Almost all of her net worth comes from the hit show, The Mindy Project. It is amongst Hulu’s biggest shows and has been watched by millions of viewers worldwide. Her net worth is estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $300,000 – $400,000.

Fortune Feimster – Is she Gay? Who is she dating?

The 38-year-old is openly gay and is not shy about her sexual orientation. Instead of being shy about it, she embraces it and wears it as an armor. She is one of the few people who openly make fun about herself being gay. In fact, it is one of the biggest topics in her comedy shows.

Caption: Jacquelyn and Fortune on the cover of a podcast(Source: Instagram).

She also refers to herself as a late bloomer, it has not been very long since she started gaining the limelight. Unlike most other comedians, who start their journey in their teen years, she started really late as her journey began when she was 25 years of age.

As of now, she is engaged to her time girlfriend and now fiance and soon to be wife, Jacquelyn Smith. They have been engaged for more than a year now as their engagement took place in early 2018 and are planning to get married pretty soon. They seem to be loving spending time with each other. Furthermore, her social media accounts are also indicative of that is Jacquelyn is everywhere.

Short Bio

Fortune Feimster was born Emely Fortune Feimster on the 1st of July, 1980 in North Carolina. She is currently 38 years of age and by profession, she is a comedian, a writer as well as an actress. She is best known for her role in the hit Hulu show, The Mindy Project. Fortune stands in at a height of  5feet 8 inches and weighs an impressive 89 KG.

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