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Gracie K Age, Net Worth, Height, Parents, Birthday

Gracie K

YouTube is getting crowded with new channels being created every single day. Since YouTube has become somewhat of a platform for people to kick off their career in social media. It really should not come as a surprise to anyone that YouTube has its own Subfields of genres.

One such subfield of YouTube is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response(ASMR). And amongst the few content creators on YouTube who makes videos on ASMR is Gracie K.

This super successful YouTube star is one of the few people who make ASMR videos on YouTube. Given that it is not a very popular subfield of YouTube content.

It is really impressive that she has been able to amass a significant fanbase on the platform. She was motivated by fellow ASMR YouTuber Mackenzie Ziegler. Grace started her YouTube channel back in May of 2017. Her channel would be vacant for quite a while as she would only start uploading videos 7 months later.

After she started uploading videos on YouTube she started getting lots of views. And in a short amount of time, she has been able to garner a significant fanbase on the platform. Her channel currently has more than 6 hundred thousand subscribers as of March 2019.

She has proven herself to be one of the most prominent ASMR YouTubers as there just aren’t many people making videos in this particular field.

Gracie K – Family

Being a 15 year old it’s no wonder that she still lives with her parents. However, her parents are separated and she is currently residing with her mother. Life has not been easy for her as she had to endure a lot of heartbreaking incidents from an early age.

Gracie’s mother goes by the name of Cori Russell. Cori has been with Gracie her entire life and has been taking care of her daughter since she was born. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Cori has been very supportive of her daughter. If it weren’t for her mother deciding to take care of Gracie all by herself, Gracie would be lost.

Caption: Gracie camping out with her cousin (Source: www.instagram.com).

However, the information regarding her father is missing from the internet. So far, Gracie has not spoken a word about her father. That may be because her parents separated on bad terms. Whatever the reason may be, Gracie has chosen not to reveal anything about her father. She also has lots of cousins that she loves hanging out with.

Short Bio

Gracie K was born Gracie Russell on the 1st of December, 2003. By nationality she is American and her current age is 15 years. Her sun sign is Sagittarius and by profession, she is a YouTube star. She stands in at a height of 4 feet 3 inches and weighs a measly 34KG. The 14-year-old celebrates her birthday on the 1st of December.

She was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She grew up with her mother as her parents separated when she was very young. It is estimated that this YouTube ASMR content creator has an estimated net worth of 70,000 dollars. That’s factoring in the money that she makes from YouTube as well as being a member of the ASMR community.

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