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Holly H Age, Birthday, Height, Wiki, Family, Real Name

The social media personality was started as a ‘Viner.’ She was very popular on the video sharing platform. She had over a million subscribers on Vine before the eventual demise of the app. Holly H has a YouTube channel too; this is where she is currently where she is putting all her focus in. The 21-year-old started her vine channel in 2015. She was hugely popular on the platform especially during the latter half of her career.

She started her career as a Viner and slowly transitioned to Musical.ly (now TikTok). Her vines were popular because of her funny attitude and hilarious dialogues that she used in them. She displayed her immaculate acting skills on her Vines. The 21-year-old garnered up more than 20 million views on her Vine channel within the first year. That sort of thing was unheard of in Vine at the time.

Holly H’s Family

The Muser was born Holly Horne on the 17th of October,1996. Holly was the first born child of the Horne household. Her mother is named Jody Horne, and her father is named Steve Horne.

The 21 years old has a sister named Megan who also happens to be her best friend. She also has a brother named Phoenix. Megan is three years younger than Holly, and the age of Phoenix is currently unknown.

The Musically phenomenon went on and posted this video with her sister on her YouTube channel to show the love that Holly has for Megan.


Caption: Holly and Megan(source:www.YouTube.com)

Holly H’s Bio.

The 21-year-old celebrates her birthday on the 17th of October. She was born in 1996, in Guernsey. Guernsey is a small island on the English channel which happens to be near the French coast.

According to a wiki source, the real name of the social media superstar Holly H is Holly Horne. She was the first born child of the Horne household. At the age of 21, Holly is a big sister to Megan Horne who is three years younger than Holly and Phoenix Horne who is her little brother.

By profession, Holly H is a Muser, YouTuber and a social media personality in general. Holly is one of the few people who hasĀ been able to adapt to the changing market around her. She started her career on Vine where she gained most of her early fame. She would then go on and make a name for herself on the popular lip sync platform Musical.ly. The 21-year-old was able to garner a massive fanbase on Musically as we.

Holly H is currently focused on her career on YouTube. A video sharing platform which is very popular and has billions of active returning users. YouTube also provides an incentive for content creators on the platform by giving them a cut of the ad revenue that the platform generates.

Holly H is British by nationality. Her sun sign is Libra, and her current age is 22. She was born and raised in Guernsey which is an island near the French coast. The social media superstar stands in at a height of 1.73 meters which is considered very impressive.

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