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Isabella Gomez Birthday, Boyfriend, Dating, Net Worth

The world is full of superstars and here we have yet another super talented celebrity. Isabella Gomez is a Columbian actress whose most notable achievements come from Netflix.

Netflix is a streaming platform which is responsible for producing some of the biggest series in recent times. Netflix’s biggest hits include Stranger Things, Narcos, Westworld. It is the world’s favorite subscription service as of January 2019.

Isabella is best known for portraying the role of Elena Alvarez in the hit Netflix show. One Day At A Time. She was also awarded the best-supporting-actress award in the 32nd Annual Imagen award for her role in One Day At A Time.

Isabella, however, has been acting for quite a while now as her on-screen debut came in a 2014 series named Matador. She portrayed the role of Christina Sandoval in the series.

There are few people lucky enough to do what they love and Isabella is one of them. Isabella developed her love for acting from a very young age of 5 and now she is a household name. Thus far, her life has turned out to be a fairy tale.

Christina has also been making guest appearances in major Television series. The most notable of which is ABC’s Modern Family. The Netflix superstar celebrates her birthday on the 9th of February

Modern Family is one of the biggest television series going around with multiple Emmy awards behind it’a name. Christina’s cameo in Modern Family came back in 2016, prior to her involvement with Netflix.

Who’s Isabella Gomez Dating?

Being as famous as Isabella, looking good is the least of her worries. When it comes to finding love. It’s a little too hard for famous people as they are never sure whether the person on the opposite end is faking it or not.

Isabella, however, seems to have found the love of her life. She has reportedly been dating Rhenzy Feliz, a fellow actor. Rhenzy is also involved with a streaming service. However, it is not Netflix. He is involved with another popular streaming service called Hulu. R

Rhenzy is famous for his role of Alex Whilder is the hit Hulu series Marvel’s Runways. Isabella and Rhenzy have been together for about a year now as the picture below shows. He has been her boyfriend for the better part of a year now.

Caption: Isabella and Rhenzy(Source:www.instagram.com).

What is Isabella Gomez worth?

It’s hard to estimate what a person is worth unless they tell you about it explicitly. Isabella, however, has not revealed information regarding her earnings to the public yet.

So, we couldn’t come up with an exact number for her net worth. However, we have made some assumptions as per what she makes based on her revenue sources that we are aware of.

According to our reports, Isabella makes most of her money from her involvement with Netflix. Netflix should account for at least half of her net worth. She also makes quite a bit of money with her involvement with modeling agencies.

Isabella is also associated with some advertising agencies and is the brand ambassador of a few companies. So, taking all of that into account we have estimated that this. Netflix superstar should be around $120,000-$500,000.

This number should not be depicted as her actual net worth as she has not revealed any information on that matter yet. It is just an educated that we made.

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