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Jack Doherty Age, Height, Net Worth, Earnings

Jack Doherty is an American YouTuber experienced a meteoric rise in popularity shortly after its creation in 2016. He got his popularity in online through his stunts.

Being a youngster can be a real pain but also fun if they make the best out of their time. For Jack, it was really hard in his school time he used to get bullied for his videos that he posted on his Youtube channel. But in time Haters got left behind and Jack reached his peak of success.

Jack Doherty Family

Jack came into this world on October 8, 2003, in LongIsland, NewYork, USA. He is the youngest child and has an older brother Michael Doherty, and an older sister Johanna. Jack’s biological father’s name is Mark Doherty and mother’s name is Anne Doherty.

Being happy while helping out the family is the greatest thing to do. Jack, in fact, hates school so much that he ran from his first day of school in Kindergarten. He even has a quote of saying A wise man once said, “I never went to school.” in his Instagram.

Jack Doherty Physical Feature (age, height)

Jack turned 15 just a month ago. Although kids of his could be roaming around and playing different sports and he is pretty good at it. He is in the greatest shapes of his where he played soccer, table tennis, basketball etc.

In this age, height might be increasing at a rapid amount but he is approximately 4.6 inches. His facial feature is like hair is brown, eyes are dark black and brown.

Jack Doherty Net Worth (Earning)

Following a career path for a youngster can lead to a great inspiration to other and empower other people to follow their dreams. Although Jack is a child he has gained a huge amount of success form YouTube and gets a good amount of payment. but there is no official amount in the media of his earning from youtube but he has launched his own brand called BANGER.

Jack sells his merchandise on online partnering with Studio71 us. All the merch he sells are t-shirts, hoodie, dad hat, Beanie, and a phone case with the brand name on it. The product pricing is fairly good to buy.

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