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Jeremy Diamond Married, Gay, Bio, Ethnicity, Girlfriend, Age

Bringing authentic news to the people is the responsibility of every reporter. The person who is delivering the news has represented millions who are in need. Jeremy Diamond is one such reporter who has been delivering pure, unbiased news to the public ever since he joined the news industry.

He is a dynamic reporter for CNN who has been associated with the organization for quite a while as he has been working for the news portal since 2014. The 28-year-old has been providing pure unadulterated news to the people ever since his association with the news broadcasting giants.

Jeremy was first appointed at CNN politics where he worked for five months. After that time period, he was promoted as a White house Reported based in Washington, D.C. He has been hard at work at his job and is amongst the hardest workers in the industry.

His most notable contribution to the industry comes in the form of coverage that he made during 2014. The coverage was about the rights of LGBTQ, his report on the matter was so successful that he was seen as a messiah to the LGBTQ community.

Bringing justice to the LGBTQ community has been his first priority ever since joining CNN. The 28-year-old is not one of those journalists who are scared of those in power. As he has shown multiple times in the past he will openly protest against things that he deems wrong.

Jeremy’s love life and his Girlfriend. Is He Gay?

Although he has been the voice of the LGBTQ community for quite a while, he is not one of them. People have speculated that because of him being gay, he is representing the LGBTQ community. But that speculation is without any proof or evidence as there is no proof to back up the claim.

Furthermore, Jeremy has a girlfriend and has been dating her since July 1, 2018. He relishes every moment spent with her as the two seem to be madly in love with each other. Besides, being engaged in a romantic relationship. The couple also shares a similar career path as both of them are journalists as well as news reporters.

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Caption: Jeremy with Ali Vitali( Source:www.instagram.com)

Besides his time at work, most of the time he can be seen with his girlfriend. The couple has also been spotted visiting new places when they have no work to do. They seem to have the best time of their lives when they are together. The fact that he has a girlfriend also puts the gay claims to rest as he literally cannot be gay is he has a girlfriend. As of March 2019, Jeremy is not married.

Short Bio, Wiki

As per a wiki source, Jeremy Diamond celebrates his birthday on the 15th of January. Jason K Morrel made fun of his age and stated that he is now old enough to drink back in 2018 when he celebrated his birthday at work. The CNN reporter is yet to disclose his age, so, for the time being, it is anonymous

Jeremy Diamond is a proud reporter at CNN and has been a messiah for the LGBTQ community as he has been very open about his feelings on how people think and treat the LGBTQ community people.

The 29-year-old is amongst the most hard-working people in the industry as he owes all his success to the hard yards that he has put in over the years.

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