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Jo Frost Wedding, Husband, Net Worth, Children, Bio

Not many people get to tell their story as this particular celebrity that we are talking about getting to. Jo Frost is one of those people who got to tell their real-life story in reel life themselves. Reality shows have long ruled television and this is yet another story of a reality show portrayed on Television.

The 47-year-old supernanny started working as a nanny in the year 1989. After 15 years of working tirelessly as a nanny, she decided to go out on an adventure. That adventure would turn her life inside out as it would make her a superstar.

In 2004, Joanne started working on a project named supernanny, the show would be a super hit. And this would turn out to be the turning point in her career as she no longer had to work for anyone. The show aired on several countries and was an instant success throughout the world.

Caption: Jo on the poster of her new show(Source: www.instagram.com).

Her show Supernanny UK was only released in the United Kingdom. However, it would not take time for her to gain fame elsewhere as foreign versions of the show would start airing pretty soon. Since then, the show has aired in the United States and the Netherlands.

Besides being a nanny and a television personality, Joanne is also an author. Joanne has written more than half a dozed on child care to date. She is rumored to be working on her seventh book and if the rumors are correct, we can expect it at the end of the year.

Jo Frost – Family

She was raised up in a pretty middle-class family and her father used to work as a builder. Her mother used to work as an interior decorator, she describes her childhood as a happy and peaceful one. Sadly, her mother passed away in 1994 due to a disease that she had been carrying around for decades. She also has a brother who goes by the name of Matthew Frost.

As of now, she is happily married to her longtime boyfriend and now husband who goes by the name of Darrin Johnson. The two have been together for more than a decade now as their relationship started back in 2008. The two are currently residing in Orange County, California. Their wedding took place in the year 2008, Darrin has been serving as Jo’s boyfriend for more than a decade.

Although she has been married for quite a while now, there have been no reports of her having any children. As a nanny, she took care of dozens of children and it would only make sense for her to have some of her own. But that does not seem to be the case here. Maybe she is trying to hide the identity of her children.

Short Bio

Jo Frost was born Joanne Frose on the 27th of June, 1971 in London England. She is currently 47 years of age and by profession, she is a reality TV actress. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

As per her net worth, this super successful real-life nanny turned reel life nanny has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. That figure comes after factoring in all the money that she has made from her Television shows. As well as the revenue that she has generated from book sales.

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