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Kathryn Prescott Boyfriend, Dating, Gay, Sister, Net Worth

Television was considered the pinnacle of the entertainment industry before it was recently taken over by the internet. However, there is no denying the fact that television was more influential than the internet will ever be. There are tonnes of people who found their way to stardom through Television. Kathryn Prescott is one of those people who found herself going up the ladder of success through Television.

The 27-year-old has been on the scenes and behind the scenes of some of the biggest television hits in recent memory. Kathryn has been dubbed as one of the most successful actresses of the era by many. She does not owe her success to any single series that she has ever been a part of but she owes it to every single one as each of them proved to be equally helpful in furthering her career as an actress.

Kathryn is best known for portraying the role of Emily Fitch on the hit teen series which goes by the name of ‘Skins(UK)’. She has also been cast in major roles in series like MTV’s Finding Carter. Kathryn has also played very important roles in the TV series Bedlam. Her career also includes some minor roles which include the likes of Cartoon Network’s Reign.

The 27-year-old is not just famous on Television as her success story extends to social media as well as the big screen. Kathryn currently commands a fanbase of more than 130,000 followers on her Instagram account which goes by the name of ‘k.prescott77‘. She is also quite popular on Twitter as her self titled Twitter handle has a fanbase that exceeds 20,000.

Katherine’s Boyfriend. If she gay?

The 27-year-old actress was engaged in a romantic relationship with fellow social media star Oli White. Oli is a celebrity in his own rights as he has millions of followers throughout social media. He runs not just one but 4 successful YouTube channels. The couple dated for several years before finally calling it quits in 2016,

The two met at the set of Skins(UK) they did not start dating right away but after a few months of spending quality time together, they decided to settle down. They dated for several years before their eventual departure.

Following her breakup with Oli, she has not been spotted dating anyone. It wouldn’t be unfair to assume that she is single at the moment because she has learned to prioritize other things in life. Her first priority goes to her acting career, and she has realized that now.

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Caption: Kathryn’s Lesbian scene from Skins(Source: pinknews.com).

Kathryn Prescott was even accused of being a lesbian at a moment in time. It was because of her hugely controversial scene in Skins. However, she has denied all accusations and stated that she is indeed straight.

Short Bio

Kathryn Prescott was born on the 4th of June, 1991 in London, England. She is currently 27 years of age and by profession, she is a Television actress as well as a social media star who commands a fanbase of hundreds of thousands of followers.

As per her net worth, the 27-year-old actress has an estimated net worth of $100,000-$100,000,0. This does not come from an official source but from the fans who have made calculated guesses based on her revenue sources that are available publically.

Not much is known about her family, however, there is some information available regarding her sister. She has a twin sister named ‘Megan’ the two started their acting careers in 2008.

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