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Keemstar Wife, Daughter, Net Worth, Wiki, Family


Youtube stars are everywhere nowadays, and here we have yet another super popular YouTuber. The 38-year-old might be on the wrong side of the ’30s but he is certainly one of the most energetic 38-year-olds on YouTube. Yes, we are talking about Keemstar. The super popular YouTube star who is famous for creating some of the best drama’s on YouTube.

Keemstar’s Youtube channel has some of the most entertaining content on YouTube as his commentary is second to none. And it’s all thanks to his emphatic voice and wonderful sense of humor that the channel has gone so far.

His YouTube channel that goes by the name of ‘DramaAlert’ is one of the most energetic and action-packed channels on the platform. And it’s thanks to his hard work, the channel has gone viral and thus far has amassed a massive subscriber base of 4.8 million.

His age might be on the wrong side of the ’30s but his fanbase is certainly on the right side of 4. Considering the popularity of his channel, his channel should hit the 5 million mark in a couple of months. Besides having a successful YouTube channel himself, he has also been featured in several other YouTube channels. He has also invited several famous people as guests on his YouTube channel. Most of whom are popular YouTubers themselves.

Besides being popular on YouTube, he is also super successful in other factions of the internet including the likes of Instagram and Twitter. He has secured more than 100,000 followers on both those platforms.

Keemstar the Family man.

The YouTube star has tried his hardest at keeping the identity of his loved ones a secret. But sometimes the best you can do isn’t enough as he accidentally mentioned his girlfriend in one of his YouTube videos.

But despite the fact that he publically stated that he has a girlfriend, the 39-year-old has never mentioned her name. He seems to be a little too protective of his loved ones and rightfully so. When asked if she was his wife, Keemstar said that they are not married. He also stated that he does not ever want to be married. But despite them being not married, they are living together.

Keemstar with Mia(Source: www.twitter.com)

Keem also reportedly dropped a bombshell to the media when he announced that he has a daughter. Although his daughter turned out to be an adopted one. His daughter goes by the name of Mia. Mia is the star in Keem’s eyes as his social media profiles are filled with pictures of her.

Keemstar’s wiki

As per a wiki source, Keemstar was born Daniel Keem in the food lovers city of Buffalo New York. Buffalo also happens to be the place where he was raised by his parents. He was born on the 8th of March, 1982. As per his current age, he is 39 years old.

The 39-year-old YouTube superstar and the social media butterfly has an estimated net worth of $2.5 – $3m.

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