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Kristina Pimenova Parents, Sister, Family, Height, 2019

Youngsters are hot these days and this particular youngster that we are talking about is the very definition of hot. Kristina Pimenova became a supermodel even before she hit the age of 10. Can you think of anyone else that has done that?

The answer is probably no because Kristin is one of the few people who has achieved that feat. The 13-year-old started modeling at the age of 3. Most people can’t even talk at that age and she was modeling back then. No wonder she turned into a supermodel.

Kristina is one of the most recognized models out there, what makes her special is the fact that she has just stepped into her teens. At just 13, she has achieved more things than what most people achieve in their lifetimes.

The Russian beauty has always had a nag for Hollywood and is trying her hardest to land a major role in a Hollywood movie. She has already been featured on the cover of Vogue which is one of the biggest fashion magazines out there.

This teen beauty was destined to succeed as a model. As everything that she has touched thus far has turned into gold. She gets her looks from her mother as before she used to manage Kristina, she used to be a model herself. Now, her full-time job is to manage Kristina.

Kristina has shown that age is not a barrier when you want to succeed in life. At just 13, she is amongst the top models in the country and her fame is just starting to grow. Kristina’s dream is to land a major role in Hollywood.

The 13-year-old has already been associated with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Including the likes of Armani, Roberto Cavalli, and Ermanno serving. She surely knows how to grab the attention of major fashion labels.

Kristina’s Parents and Family.

Kristina was born to very supportive parents as if was not for them, she would never have made it this far. Her parents are the ones who are responsible for managing the 13-year-old supermodel.

Her mother goes by the name od Glikeriya Shirokova. Before she was a full-time manager for her daughter, she used to be a model herself. Glikeriya is the one who has taught Kristina all the tips and tricks in the business of modeling. All while taking care of her baby girl.

Caption: Kristina with her sister (Source: www.instagram.com).

Kristina’s dad goes by the name of Ruslan Pimenov. He is now a retired soccer player. He used to represent Russia as a football player and had made a career for himself doing so.

Besides her parents, she also has an elder sister who goes by the name of Natalia. Natalia is also really supportive of her and appears consistently on Kristina’s Instagram account.

Short Bio

Kristina Pimenova was born on the 27th of December, 2005. Her age is 13 years as of April 2019. By profession, she is a supermodel and belongs to American nationality. Although she was born in Russia, her parents moved to the USA shortly after her birth.

The 13-year-old supermodel stands in at a height of 5 feet 3 inches. And weighs an impressive 39 KGs. She has been modeling since she was 3 years old and she was considered a supermodel before she hit 10.

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