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Kyler Fisher Age, Net Worth, Siblings, Height, Married, Family

Kyler Fisher

The American actor and Youtube phenomenon is one half of the famous YouTube channel ‘Kyler and Mad’. The channel that he runs alongside his other half Maidson. Kyler Fisher is also an actor who is a part of numerous big screen projects. The most notable of which is ‘Juarez 2045’. The YouTuber is popular for his hysterical videos and comedic personal vlogs. The internet sensation is currently putting all his focus into his YouTube career.

The 31-year-old made a name for himself with his YouTube channel on which he has been able to amass an audience which is in millions. The YouTuber is also a father and is extremely responsible when it comes to his family. Unlike most of his rivals on YouTube, he has been able to put both his family life and professional life in sync.

He has a very comedic, caring, fun loving, and down to earth personality. The YouTuber loves to travel and posts vlogs of him visiting new and exciting places regularly.

Fisher’s Family Life

So far, there have been no revelations regarding his parents. Not much is known about his mother or father. We scraped all of the internets but could not find any content regarding his parents.

The YouTuber has an amazingly cute wife who’s name is Madison. The duo creates and uploads interesting content on their YouTube channel named ‘Kyler and Mad’. They have two beautiful daughters named Taytum and Oakley.

There is also no information on the internet or elsewhere regarding his siblings. The YouTuber seems to have been raised as a single child.

The Fisher family runs a family YouTube channel. All of the members of their family are featured in their super successful YouTube channel.

The 28-year-old is a father to two daughters, Oakley and Taytum. Fisher and his wife are expecting to welcome a new member into their family this fall. Kyler Fisher is good friends with YouTuber Jake Paul with whom he recently posted a video titled ‘Taytum and Oakley Shoot with Jake Paul’.

caption: Kyler and Jake Paul shooting(source: www.youtube.com)

What is Kyler Fisher Net Worth?

The Fisher family is worth around a million dollars. ‘Kyler and Mad’ is the YouTube channel which the couple runs. The duo upload videos on a daily basis showcasing their family and the troubles that come with having children. The couple has two children who are twins. The family holds a net worth around a million dollars.

Their YouTube channel has an enormous fanbase with a number of subscribers that exceeds the 3 million mark. They are some of the most popular YouTube couples going around. The channel has accumulated over 600 million views so far. The channel makes $2000 per day. All this is thanks to google adsence which pays YouTubers by the number of views that the videos generate.

Youtubers make between 2-5 dollars per thousand views on monetized content after YouTube gets their cut. The amount of money that a channel depends on a lot of factors like viewer location, ad inventory etc. The cost of advertisement played on YouTube is based on an auction that takes place within the advertisers.

Kyler Fisher’s Bio

The famous YouTube star was born in Boise, Idaho. By profession, he is a social media star, YouTuber, actor and film producer. The YouTuber is married and is a father of two children. Both of them have been featured on his channel. His birth sign is Gemini and his nationality is American. He belongs to white ethnicity and there is no information about his education.

Born in 1987, Fisher current age is 31 and stands at a height of 1.83 m (6 feet). His eye color is brown, his hair is brown too.

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