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Lil Mosey Age, Height, Family, Dating, Girlfriend, Birthday

Lathan Echols, more commonly known as Lil Mosey is an American singer and a songwriter. He gained his initial popularity when he uploaded his debut single “Off White” with which, he was able to garner more than 11 million plays on the platform ‘Soundcloud’.

Lil mosey gained his success very quickly after that. His later two singles ‘Pull up’ and ‘noticed’ gained immediate attention and were played millions of times in no time. After that, Lil Mosey would start his days as a professional rapper. He is one of the youngest people on the internet to have been recognized by millions through music.

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The 17-year-old recently signed up with big record labels like ‘Universal Music’ and ‘Interscope Records’. With his popularity growing as each day passes, we can almost be sure that this teenager is the next big thing in rap music. Taking on the Hip-Hop scene by a storm at such a young age is an achievement on its own. But this guy does not seem like stopping until he conquers the rap world.

Lil Mosey’s Family and Relationships

The 17-year-old is yet to reveal any information about his family to the media. This young rap sensation who seems like the one to push the rap industry forward has been a little shy about his family life as he has not revealed any information about his parents or siblings to the media.

Whatever the reason may be, the 16-year-old seems a little too protective of his family. It’s unclear why this youngster has not revealed any information regarding his family. But people have speculated that the reason for it may be his family’s security. Privacy can also be the reason behind his actions.

This teenage music sensation also does not seem to be dating anyone. As far as the internet goes, Lil mosey has not dated anyone till date, neither has he been involved in a romantic relationship in the past. There have been no past records of him having girlfriends either. For the time being, we can almost be sure that this 17-year-old is single. That’s unless he is hiding information regarding his girlfriend.

Short Bio

Lathan Moses Echols, more commonly known by his stage name’Lil Mosey’. He celebrates his birthday on the 25th of January and is currently 17 years old. Lathan was born and raised in the windy city of Seattle, Washington.

This young rapper gained prominence when his debut single was released on SoundCloud. He took the platform by a storm as he garnered up more than 11 million plays on the platform. He would then go on and release a few more singles on SoundCloud. All of them would go on and gain more than a million plays. With some of them crossing the 5 million mark quite easily.

The 17-year-old stands in at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs an impressive 55 kilograms. His zodiac sign is Aquarius and his full name is Lathan Moses Echols. Moses was born and raised in Mountlake Terrace, Washington DC.

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