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Mia Dinoto Age, Height, Weight, Siblings, Family, Birthday

The 15-year-old is best known for her videos on musical.ly (now Tik Tok). Mia Dinoto has become one of the biggest celebrities to have emerged from the popular video sharing platform. As far as her career goes the app has proven to be hugely beneficial for talented individuals. As one of the biggest celebrities on the platform. Mia was one of the first people to have gained popularity from Tik Tok.

The young celebrity has more than 2.1 million fans on her TikTok account. Her username on TikTok is mia.d05. Besides her career on TikTok, the youngster is also hugely successful on YouTube. Her YouTube channel is filled with content that ranges from genres like gymnastics and goes all the way to music and comedy vlogs.

Mia, who is famous for her gymnastics videos on YouTube also used to be a level 10 gymnasts. The TikTok star lives in Annapolis Maryland and she was good at the floor and beam. The 15-year-old was also a part of the coral girls.

caption: Mia doing Gymnastics(source:www.youtube.com)

As a 16-year-oldĀ social media super. She has lots of expectations riding on her soldiers. And only time will tell if she is gonna be able to meet all those expectations. As time passes by.

Mia Dinoto’s Family

Mia is the third born of the Dinoto family. Her father is Chris Dinoto. And her mother is named Jill Dinoto. Jill also happens to be a social media celebrity in her own rights. Apart from her parents, Mia also has two elder siblings whom she grew up with. The eldest of whom is Nick Dinoto and his younger brother Jake Dinoto. Both of whom are older than Mia.

As per her love life, it would be weird if a 15-year-old was involved in a romantic relationship. And so far there are no records of Mia being involved in any dating relationships.

Mia Dinoto’s Bio

Born on the 7th of January, 2003. Mia is the third born child of the Dinoto family. The youngster is currently 16 years old. And she has been able to garner up quite a fanbase at such a tender age. Mia stands in at a height of 162 CM and her weight is 50 kilograms.

Mia was born and raised in the United States where she currently resides. As per her educational background, we could not find any information regarding the 16-year-old’s education. As per her, birthday, she celebrates her birthday on the seventh of January.

By profession, she is a Musical.ly star. Sho is currently busy making a name for herself on the popular video sharing platform YouTube. Thus far, the 16-year-old has been able to garner a fanbase that crosses the 1.1 million subscriber mark on YouTube.

The 16-year-old TikTok star is a gymnast and a very good one as she was a level 10, gymnast back in the days. Her eyes are brown and her hair color is blonde. When it comes to Zodiac signs Mia Dinoto is a Capricorn.

As far as her career goes. Mia has been very successful thus far and she is improving every day. The youngster loves to learn and so far has improved tremendously since her early days of posting YouTube videos.

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