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Morgan Hudson Age, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Family

Morgan Hudson widely known online as Morgz is a British YouTube vlogger and gamer. Known for his challenges, pranks, Fortnite, and commentary videos, Hudson is a rising YouTube star.

In addition to him, Husdon’s mother & his girlfriend are also involved on Youtube. With over 2 million subscribers on their respective Youtube channels, Hudson deserves some credit for their popularity.

Morgan Hudson Age, Family

Born in Sheffield, England on  6, 2001, to Darren and Jill Hudson, he had had very simple upbringing. His parents frequently appear in his Youtube videos & also contribute to his contents. Much details about his siblings are unknown. At the age of 17, he is a successful YouTube personality.

On Jul 2017, Jill Hudson joined Youtube with her first video titled ‘Pranking Morgz on his birthday.’Later, her other video featuring pranks on her son and their humorous & comical moments became more popular. Also, her YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers & 110 million views.

Jill ‘s YouTube ‘Morgz Mum‘ channel was terminated for 10 hours in Aug 2018 for harassment and bullying. Later, she gained a large following after her channel reinstated.

Morgan Hudson Wiki

Hudson joined YouTube in 2014 at the age of 13. Morgan started with gaming channel called ‘LegendaryGamersHD.’In his channel, he would play Minecraft, Call of Duty, FIFA, and several more. He renamed his channel to ‘AngryGamerHD‘ & again to ‘MorgzGaming‘ eventually reaching his 1,000 subscribers milestone.

MorgzGaming‘ then became ‘ItsMorgz.’ Also, he continued to make FIFA, Outlast, Shout Out Sunday and Call Of Duty content. Many of his videos during ‘MorgzGaming’ era are private now. At 40,000 subscribers, he again changed his channel name from ‘ItsMorgz’ to ‘Morgz.’ Also, he got the verified badge. He continued making FIFA videos until he got a viral FIFA video called, ‘FIFA 17‘ & also subscribers count reached 200,000.

After the release of ‘Pokemon GO,’ Morgz did many Pokemon GO videos. After gaining 700,000 subscribers, Morgz started doing challenges, DIY’s, and vlogs, giving him channel substantial boost & also subscribers count went to 1,400,000. As of now, his channel has over 7.5 million subscribers & 1 billion views.

His videos frequently involve his family members, especially his mum and dad. He is candid & polite during Q&A session with his fans. He seems to know what his targeted audience love and delivers them with confidence & honesty.

In the past, many other YouTubers criticized him for having dull and unoriginal content. Also, his haters accused him of using clickbait to gain views and using manipulative tactics.

Hudson’s Girlfriends, Relationships

Currently, he is dating another YouTuber, Kiera Bridget. Her YouTube channel has over 2.4 million subscribers and 170 million videos views. She has also collaborated with Morgan in a lot of challenges, pranks, and ‘surprising’ videos with Morgan. In the past, Morgan also had a short romantic stint with Anastasia Kingsnorth, but she has since denied that there was ever romance.

( Caption: Morgan Hudson with his girlfriend, Kiera Bridget )

After being in a strong relationship Kiera and Morgan has supported each other’s career and became public about that. Morgan recently posted his and Kiera’s photo on Instagram to congrats her on her 2 Million Subscriber on YouTube. Likewise, they are active in their relationship and share their love life through Instagram. For now, the couple looks promising in their relationship and there is no chance of break-up.

Morgan Hudson Net Worth

Being a Youtuber most of his earning is from Youtube based on views and ads. Also, he has partnered with various brands on his YouTube channel. Also, he is involved with some tours groups performing at multiple locations. Estimated Net Worth of Hudson is around 500,000 pounds.

Short Bio

His dark brown hair and 5 feet 10 inches height enhance his pleasant personality. He is also active in Instagram with over 771k followers. Morgan is a Sheffield Wednesday supporter & his favorite celebrity are Emma Watson & Eddie Redmayne.

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