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Nil Sani Age, Height, Wiki, Sister, Net Worth

Social media has been responsible for making more celebrities than any other faction of the internet. We’ve seen the likes PewDiePie and Michael Stevens come out of social media. And here we have yet another social media superstar who goes by the name of Nil Sani.

Nil Sani started gaining attention after she created her Instagram account. The 16-year-old as thus far accumulated more than 159,000 followers on the platform. She would then go on and create a YouTube channel.

Her channel is named ‘Nil Sani’ and it is quickly gaining fame. As it has accumulated more than 285K subscribers in less than two years. The channel was created back in 2017 and thanks to all the hard work that Nil put in behind the scenes to make awesome videos, that she is where she stands now.

Another interesting fact about Nil Sani is that she has a sister who is also a social media superstar. Her sister who goes by the name of Hayley is a content creator on YouTube. Hayley’s channel us much bigger than nil’s as it has accumulated more than a million subscribers.

Nil used to be featured regularly on her sister’s channel before she started her own. She is still a regular part of the channel but not as regular as she used to be.

Formerly, Hayley was known by the name of ‘Berrypinklips’. She decided to change her name because her fans did not like the name. Her videos on makeup, haul and vlogs are loved by hundreds of thousands. And the content on her channel reaches millions of views regularly.

Nil’s Family

Nil’s father goes by the name of Cengiz Sani and runs a small business in Los Angeles, California. Her mother goes by the name of Melike Sani and is featured regularly on her YouTube channel as well as her Instagram account.

Caption: Nil with her sister, Hayley(Source: www.instagram.com).

Besides her parents, she grew up with an older sister who is two years older than her. Her sister goes by the name of Hailey Sani and is a successful YouTuber as well as a social media influencer.

Nil’s Height, Wiki, and Net Worth.

Nil Sani was born on the 19th of March, 2003. She is currently 16 years of age and her sun sign is Pisces. She is famous for her self titled YouTube channel where she has more than 280,000 subscribers.

Nil was born and raised in Turkey, she stands in at a height of an impressive 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 45 KGs. She is best known for content on fashion, fitness, lifestyle and many more that she posts on her YouTube channel.

Although the social media phenomenon has not been public about her net worth. Taking her YouTube channel and her into consideration, we have come up with an estimation that the 16-year-old should be worth around $100,000-$200,000.

Her family moved to the united states when she was young, although she still holds Turkish nationality. By profession, she is a YouTuber as well as a social media influencer.

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