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Olivia Deeble Age, Net Worth, Siblings, Mother, Family

Every person is born with some talents and after certain age we should polish it for our success. Likewise, acting is one of the talents with which an actor is born and only needs to flourish it. Olivia Deeble is one of those actors who are born with the acting in the genes. It seems like she has inherited the talent from her ancestors.

Deeble is highly acclaimed for her performance for depicting the character of “Raffy Morrison” in the Australian Television Series “Home and Away”. She was able to relive the character “Tamara” as an athlete in the children fictional documentary comedy television soap opera “Little Lunch” for two years.

How does Olivia in such a small age show such a love to acting?

Olivia is the grand daughter of actor Reg Gorman and actress Judith Roberts. And daughter of Mathew Deblee and Kate Gorman From Neighbours. Kate Gorman was good friends with Marc Garcie, who is the director of the film “You and Your Stupid Mate”.

On Gorman’s request, Gracie Olivia in his film. Olivia’s age was only two and half years when she debut in her film for the first time as Rachel Hunter(fifth daughter).

The Day when Olivia hit her head and had Brain Concussion.

On 3rd September, 2018 Olivia was rushed to hospital after the swelling of her brain which was due to the hit of her head a week ago.

Though she was in the right condition in the hospital, she posted in her Instagram account

Hey guys, a couple of days ago I hit my head and was concussed with brain swelling. I’m fairly crook at the moment and have been to hospital a couple of times but slowly improving. I won’t be on social media a lot due to the fact I’m sleeping like 12 hours a day but wanted to let you all know I’m still here and am trying to get better as soon as possible ❤️ thanks for the constant support love you all lots x (also thanks mum for taking photos of me passed out…)

Caption: Sleeping during the treatment in hospital

Only a week later after this incident, she returned back to the shooting. This shows her passion and dedication toward acting.

Is Olivia in a Relationship?

The sweet sixteen girl posts photo with a handsome hunk Ethan Hay time and again. But has not officially announced to be in a relationship as she is an underage. Olivia shares the beautiful moment she shares with Ethan. I think we have to wait a few more years to know their actual relationship.

Caption: Picture after a training session

Olivia with her rumored boyfriend. Olivia shared the photo in her Instagram account. She has 189K follower in Instagram.

Net Worth

The main source of her income is acting in the TV series and short movies. Though she has been active since the age of two and half years, her net worth and income is still private.

Olivia Deeble’s Life In A NutShell

Olivia was born on August 4, 2002 in Australia and current age is 16 years. Her birth sign is Leo. She attended ballet and jazz classes. She is 1.64 m tall.

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