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Payton Moormeier Age, Height, Sister, Family

The Internet has been creating a new platform periodically to show their hidden talents. Social media is creating some ways of showcasing their user’s talent. After the evolution of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. people have got a new application to show their acting and dancing talent; “musical.ly or TikTok.”

The number of “musical.ly” users is increasing day by day. It has been the best way to entertain people with their expression on dialogues and music. Moreover, many people are getting famous for this application and fulfilling their acting and dancing talent. Payton Moormeier is one of the rising stars of “musical.ly’.

Payton Moormeier is an American personality. He is favorite for his “musical.ly” uploads. He has very outstanding knowledge of video editing. Payton is very prone to use the transition effects in a very clever manner. It seems that Payton spends a lot of time first to capture the footage in different settings and then compile those number of clips to create an abstract “musical.ly” video which makes him unique.


One of the hardest things of celebrity life is to be able to hide their personal experience only to them. Usually, when you are in the limelight, you don’t get much time to spend with your family. People don’t get much chance to hang out freely with their closed ones because it is very to create rumors about the nonexisting relationship as a crush.

And some public faces want their closed ones to enjoy their personal life freely and don’t want them to face any kinds of problems due to their activity. Likewise, Payton seems to keep his private life only to himself. So, he has not disclosed more of his family details in public. On July 28, 2003, Payton was born in St. Marys, a city in Camden County, Georgia, the U.S. His current age is 15 years old. Payton’s mother name is Joanne. He grew up alongside his sister Faith in St. Marys, Georgia.

Payton’s Short Bio

Payton has been successful to build an impressive fan following on “musical.ly’. He has received 12 million hearts and became a verified ‘muser’ on April 29, 2017. Payton was a part of the “JrElite” ‘musical.ly’ group and made many entertaining videos and got lots of love but left the group in 2017. He has collaborated with King Tino who is also a fellow social- media face for videos. Payton has a dazzling height of 5 Feet 8 Inches.

Payton seems to be the fan of Shawn Mendes as he has done videos on Shawn Mendes’ songs for his “musical.ly” videos. He has attended “Playlist Live” two times; one in Washington DC in 2017 and the other in Orlando in 2018. “Playlist Live” is a three-day gathering which mainly focuses on YouTube content creators.

Payton has 192k followers on Instagram and 5k subscribers on YouTube. Though he has only posted a few videos on YouTube, he seems to have a good number of viewers. He has also featured his sister in his video titling “BAKING CHALLENGE WITH MY SISTER.”

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