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Piper Rockelle Age, Boyfriend, Dating, Height, Net Worth, Family

Piper Rockelle

Born August 21st, 2007, Piper Rockelle is an American by nationality. She is natively American and belongs to white ethnicity. Piper’s zodiac sign is Leo. She is the daughter of the Smith family and was raised by Tiffany Rockelle, her mother. The famous YouTuber has two siblings, Tyler and Hunter.

Besides her career, Piper is also a student and she gives equal importance to her student life. The rising internet star has gained the title of a Musically superstar with a fanbase that exceeds the 4 million mark. The 10-year-old is also wildly successful on YouTube where she has been able to amass a total of 427 subscribers. The youngster was also cast with the role of Sky for the TV series Main. In 2018 she will be cast in short movies going by the name of. Dark Eyes and Sitting in the ’80s.

Piper’s Net Worth.

Piper Rockelle is a young and upcoming social media superstar. Prior to her entrance in the famous video sharing platform Musically(Now Tik Tok). The youngster had completed various beauty shows. She started her YouTube channel back in 2016 and has been actively posting videos in the platforms ever since. With her posting videos every other day she has been able to amass a significant number of subscribers. According to Socialblade. Piper’s monthly income hovers at around $1.3k to 20.6k. The youngster makes between $15.5k-246.8k yearly.

Despite her not having a job and a specific salary. It is apparent that the young social media personality grabs a hefty amount. As of December 2018, Piper is worth around $300,000.

Who is Piper Rockelle dating?

It would be super strange if a 10-year-old had a boyfriend. And the youngster has none. As far as we can tell a 10-year-old should not be thinking about being engaged or in a relationship, for now, all she has to look forward to is building her career.

The 10-year-old, however, uploads videos with boyfriend tags quite regularly. One such incident took place on 23rd June, 2018 when the youngster uploaded a video titled “24 hours handcuffed to my boyfriend”.

The video was hilarious, in the video, Piper’s brother handcuffs her and her friend Hayden together. The two then made pretty good use of the situation. Although the video tagged him as her boyfriend, it was later discovered that the two were just friends and her brother was just messing with her. Piper has developed a nag for getting romantically linked with her friends. But there have been no revelations about her dating anyone just yet. Maybe she just wants to focus on her career and doesn’t want any distractions in her life.

Piper Rockelle’s Bio

The young celebrity was born in the Rockelle household where she was raised by her mother, Tiffany Rockelle. As per her father, Piper doesn’t know much about him since she only met him once and doesn’t remember anything from that meeting. The young superstar has two brothers named Tyler and Hunter respectively. Her brother Hunter is also a Musically superstar with over a million followers in his account. The youngster also appears in Piper’s videos regularly.

According to a wiki source, Piper was born in 2007 in the United States. The youngster celebrates her birthday on the 21st of August and her real name is Piper Rockelle Smith. The Tik Tok phenomenon stands in at a height of 1.42 meters. She was also featured as a guest during MusterMovement 2017 in Los Angeles.

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