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Rachel Crane Age, Wedding, Wiki, Father, Husband, Bio

CNN is the holy grail for journalists as they only pick the best of the best. Amidst all of the journalists that CNN has hired over the years is Rachel Crane. She is one of the most popular interviewers on the news firm as she has interviewed some of the biggest names in the financial as well as the tech world.

The list of people that Rachel has interviewed over the years surpasses our imaginations. Some of her most notable interviewees are Richard Branson(Virgin), Jeff Bezos (Amazon Ceo), Elon Musk (Tesla CEO), Charles Bolden( Nasa).

The list goes much further than this but we decided to include them because they are some of the most notable people that Rachel has interviewed over the years. By just looking at the names of the interviewees we can say that this is someone special.

Rachel works at the innovation and space department at CNN. She gained much of her initial fame creating video content for the City of Tomorrow program. Rachel is rather new to CNN as she joined the company only in 2015. That’s still quite a bit of experience working for a single company.

Prior to becoming a journalist she was an accomplished actress as she had worked for several movies like Hotel Transylvania(2012), Recess(2001) and many more. She was successful as an actress but she always knew that it was not her thing and she wanted to advance further. She would later start working as a journalist, that’s when she started realizing that it was the job that she had been looking for all her life.

Rachel’s Wedding and Husband

Rachel Crane is currently married to her longtime boyfriend turned husband who goes by the name of Andrew Marks. Her husband, Andrew also happens to be an investment banker. On top of that, he is the one and the only heir to a billionaire Andrew’s father, Howard Marks.

Caption: Rachel with Andrew on their wedding day( Source: www.instagram.com)

The couple had been together since high school, that means that they had been dating for a really really long time. However, it took them a really long time to get married due to some unknown reason. Whatever the reason may be, all we can do is hope for the best for their future. Their wedding took place in French Riviera.

Short Bio

As per wiki, Rachel Crane was born on the 26th of October, 1985. She is currently 32 years of age. She was born somewhere in the United States of America. Rachel’s birth sign is Scorpio and she stands in at a height of a very impressive 5 feet 9 inches.

Although she has open about other factions of her life, the one thing that she has not revealed is the name of her parents. Rachel is yet to announce the names of her parents to the media just yet. Besides that, she is really open about everything. Rachel is married to her high school boyfriend Andrew Marks.

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