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Ramy Romany Wife, Birthday, Married, Parents, Height

Filmmaking is an art form one that everyone can do, but only a select few succeed in. Ramy Romany is one of the few people who has found success on the showbiz. He is not only a filmmaker but also hosts his own show on the Discovery channel. Although archaeology is not his piece of cake, he eats it anyways and embarks on a journey, unlike most others.

He is best known for being the host of the hit Discovery series Mummies Unwrapped. A show that revolves around exploring the history of the mummies. Where they came from and what is their purpose. He is a specialist in filmmaking but not in archaeology. So, he has to learn along the way. And learning is one thing that he excels as he is nothing short of an archaeologist now.

On the show, he investigates burial sites and tombs of lost civilizations that no longer exist. Mummies Unwrapped is one of the few shows on the Television which is focused around ancient artifacts. His job on the show is to examine those artifacts and come to a conclusion on what it could be.

Romany is a narrator and guides on a show that covers his journey from a noob to an expert archaeologist. His journey on the show is such that only a handful of people throughout human history have embarked on such a journey. He gets a chance to investigate cryptic rules and secrets that are yet to be revealed and tries to decipher the mysteries of ancient Egypt.

Besides being an amazing filmmaker, he is also a social media star who has thousands of follower on social media platforms. The most notable of which is Instagram where he has more than 35,000 followers.

Ramy Romany – Family and Net Worth

Ramy is currently married to his longtime girlfriend, Sharry Romany. Sharry is also heavily invested in the showbiz as she used to be a hair/makeup artist. He is also an art director, The two have been married for a really long time.

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And after years of hard work and determination, she got to live her dream when she became a Director of Photography. She worked as a director on one of Ramy’s projects which were nominated for two Emmy awards.

As per his family, there is no information available publically about his parents. We also don’t know anything regarding his siblings or whether he has any. So, for the time being, the information regarding his family is unavailable.

Short Bio

Ramy Romany was born in the ’80s in Egypt, he is yet to reveal his exact date of birth. So, for the time being, there is no way for us to exactly tell his age, however, we can say for certain that he is over thirty because he has stated so in one of his interviews. Very little is known about his personal life as he is very keen about keeping his life confidential.

His height is also not available but from the looks of it, he should be around 5.7-5.10 feet tall. He is best known for his role as an archaeologist in the hit Discovery series, Mummies Unwrapped. His birthday is also unavailable at the moment.

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