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Roy Choi Wife, Married, Family, Net Worth, Daughter

Chefs are a really underappreciated commodity as they are responsible for the food that you eat. Roy Choi is a food pioneer who has shows the world how to eat and what to eat. He is best known for being a food truck pioneer as well as the founder of the world-famous gourmet taco truck Kogi.

His tacos are amongst the best you can ever get and it’s because of the amazingly delicious tacos that he has gained fame as well as fortune. He is amongst the few people who have made a name for themselves through street food. His tacos are so good that he has been invited to several cooking shows on television. He also happens to be a popular social media personality with a massive fan following.

Thus far, he has been able to acquire a fanbase of more than 121,000 on his¬†ridingshotgunla¬†Instagram account. He has been featured as a chef in big venues such as Beverly Hilton and Embassy Suites. Things weren’t so smooth for him since the beginning as he has suffered quite a bit during his journey to the top.

The 49-year-old had a major addiction in his teenage years, that addiction would have taken his life if he had not acted in time. He was addicted to drugs as well as all sorts of nasty stuff while he was a teenager. He had to spend his fair share of time at a rehabilitation centre before opening his food truck.

His career has been followed by many successful people. One of them even decided to make a movie on his journey to the top. The 2014 movie Jon Favreau directed movie, Chef is his biography in which he acts as a technical adviser.

Roy Choi – Love Life and Family

Not much is known about his wife as he has been a little shy about his family. As far as we know, he is married and also has a daughter. Although his wife’s identity remains a mystery, he has shed some light on his daughter. He has a daughter who goes by the name of Kaelyn Choi. She is the angel of his eyes as he takes her wherever he goes.

As per his parents, his father goes by the name of Soo Myung Choi. And his mother is named Jai Nam Choi. Both of whom are South Korean. Both of his parents were very helpful for him while he was struggling with addiction. If it weren’t for the sacrifices that his parents made to get him where he is. He would never have made it this far in his career as a chef.

Short Bio

Roy Choy was born on the 24th of February, 1970 in South Korea. He is currently 49 years of age and by profession, he is a chef who is best known for being the pioneer of the food truck Kogi.

As per his net worth, he has an estimated net worth of $1 million. His food truck business is the main contributor to his net worth as it accounts for almost all of it. He has opened several taco trucks since his first one became popular. All of which are successful as well.

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