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Sadie Stanley Height, Birthday, Parents, Family, Net Worth

The industry of entertainment is that field which always has a new opportunity for talented people from all the age group. One can quickly get a break at any stage if they are fit for the character. The best thing about this field is that one gets involved in the project by their talent. And also due to the production of many child familiar series and movies, there is good demand for young actors. Similarly, Sadie Stanley is one of them.

Sadie Stanley is an actress at her teenage. She has been involved in the acting and theatres ever since the age of 5/6. Stanley decided to pursue a career in acting at the age of 12/13. She has been performing in schools and community theatres.


The family is the vertebral column of everyone’s success. The support of a family in the future of their children means a lot in the success of their children. Likewise, when family steps with their children, it brings an immense motivation in them. Children usually seek greater support from their parents when they are entering the entertainment industry. And to get a supportive family in such field is very lucky.  Likewise, Sadie seems to be one of those fortunate children.

The place where Sadie is today has been possible due to many sacrifices and devotion from her parents. When she confessed that she wanted to pursue her career as an actress, her parents didn’t believe her. But after her continuous nagging, they decided to support her. She went through the program of John Casablancas and graduated. Then she auditioned for an Expo in Dallas, Texas and got selected.

Sadie met her current manager Taylor Bright of StageCoach Entertainment after five long, tedious and amazing days of hers. Then, she signed with Taylor and flew to LA with her mom for three weeks. Sadie first auditioned in self-tape for ‘Giggling Girl #1 on Game Shakers’ and auditioned personally for the Disney Live Action Remake of Kim Possible.

Sadie and her mom have to increase their stay for the other two weeks which again extended to 9 weeks. Also, they moved to an apartment from Airbnb’s hotel to keep their cost low as her mother had to quit her job after they decided to stay in LA for more than three weeks. Then, in the fourth week, they got the call from Kim Possible. And after 7 or 8 auditions, she got the role. Sadie completed the movie in the summer of 2018 in Canada. The film is soon to be released in 2019.

During all the struggle of Sadie in LA with her mom, his father and three siblings were waiting to hear the good news in South Carolina. Sadie has a twin sister and two older brothers.

Net Worth

Sadie Stanley has just started her career officially with the Kim Possible. She is only 17 years old and is in the beginning phase of her career. So, her net worth details are still not available.

Sadie Stanley’s Short Bio

On November 15, 2001, Sadie Stanley was born in Columbia, SC. And she memorably celebrates her birthday. Her current age is 17 years old. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches. She went to A.C. Flora High School. Sadie had also done a guest appearance in the Nickelodeon series game Shakers in 2018. Sean Giambrone accompanied her for KimPossible.

Jordan Fisher is her celebrity crush. It seems like his personality and cuteness has charmed her. Her twin sisters name is Sophie. They are fraternal twins. She loves her sister a lot, and they share a very close bond. She loves drawing and also a High School Musical. Zendaya is her fashion inspiration. Only after she joined community theatre, she relived from her stage fright.

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