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Sarah Graysun Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Brother

TikTok has established itself as one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the entire world. It has surpassed WhatsApp to becoming the most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2019 in both IOS and Android. So, naturally, it is home to a plethora of celebrities of its own. Sarah Graysun is one of the biggest celebrities who has come out of the lip sync app, TikTok.

Besides being famous of TikTok, she has also amassed a ton of followers on her recently created YouTube account. When it comes to becoming famous through social media, Sarah knows how to do it. She has amassed millions of followers throughout social media platforms which extend way beyond TikTok and YouTube.

TikTok is where she really shines through, with more than 2 million followers. She is certainly one of the biggest players in the game. She leveraged her career on social media through her TikTok account which provided her with much-needed exposure. And the rest is history as she has expanded to a lot more than just TikTok. and is set to take the social media world with a storm.

She has also amassed a significant amount of subscribers on her YouTube account. Although it was created fairly recently, her YouTube channel has already surpassed the 200,000 subscribers mark. That figure is pretty impressive because most channels take a lot longer to grow in size. But it’s thanks to her career on TikTok, that she has been able to transition so seamlessly onto other social media platforms.

She also has a ton of followers on her Instagram account as it is way past the 1 million followers mark. She currently has 82K followers on her Instagram account and the number only keeps on rising with each passing day.

Sarah Graysun – Boyfriend and Family

Looking at her love life, there’s really not much we can tell about it as she is yet to reveal much information on the topic. She has not disclosed any information regarding her boyfriend of whether she is dating anyone or not. All we can tell from looking at her social media profiles are, the fact that she is she has been really confidential regarding her love life.

Caption: Sarah with her mother(source: Instagram).

As per her family, we do have some insights on her family as she has been kind enough to share them with us. What we do know about her family is the fact that she has a sister who was adopted from South Korea. She has been featured several times in her videos as well as Instagram account. Besides her sister whom she is really close to, she has two other siblings. She has two other siblings who have also been featured in her social media accounts but sadly their names are yet to be revealed as well. What we know about them is both of them is that both of them are her brothers and one brother is older than the other.

Short Bio

Sarah Graysun was born on the 18th of January, 2001 in the USA. She is currently 18 years of age and by profession. She is a social media star as well as an Instagram model. Sarah is best known for her TikTok account where she has more than 2 million followers. Sarah stands in at a height of 5 feet 1 inch and weighs an impressive 45 KG.

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