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Sean Lew Age, Height, Birthday, Parents, Bio, Nationality

A teenager who is in a spotlight for his talent in dancing Sean Lew is attracting the world with his moves. His rise to media or stardom was when he performed on X Factor stage. Being popular at such a young age he opened different opportunities for his future life. That being said he has got opportunities to attend different shows, commercial and ceremonies like awards shows.

But among his talent in moving, he also can cook. Bring many skills to the table got to where he is right now. He has made a name for himself as a chef on Kids Cook-Off reality. He uploads his choreographed videos on his YouTube channel to give his fans and followers to enjoy.

Sean Lew Bio

Sean was born on the year 2001, in Walnut, CA, the USA which makes him at the age late 10 and the age of 17. He is still at his growing stage so right now Sean has the height of 5 feet 7 Inches (1.70 m). He grew up with his parents and two older sisters.

Born on American land his nationality is American but originally he is Asian with half Japanese and half Chinese background. Its safe to say that his ethnicity is Asian and he has cultural love for every tradition. Being popular at a young age he had great friends and family who supported him, and he did go to public school and got some level of education, but later on, he focused in his career and got home-schooled.

In a note, he is not dating anyone and available for anyone who wants to take a shot at.

Sean Lew Family

Being raised in a multicultural family, he is a very loving and calm person. His father name is Chuck Lew and Miya Lew. Among his siblings, he is the youngest and has the oldest sister named are Sarah and younger but older than him is Serris Lew.

Sarah Lew is from LA and currently lives in NY City, and passed out from Fashion Design at Parsons The New School. Serris is also a great dancer like her brother. They have collaborated on a few projects together in his channel.

These three siblings have also started a product line for a family business which was created in 2016 of summer. Their parents are supportive of their decision, and they are living with their parents. Living together in an Asian family is very traditional, and everyone can share their love living under the same roof.

Sean Lew Net Worth

Being known all over the world has raised his popularity to a new level and also has raised a lot of money. He earns from different internet sources. In his YouTube channel, he has 300K subscriber and average views of 100K. It can provide him a pretty good amount of money.

But that is not it; he also has a family business where he and his sisters and has collaborated to make a brand of themselves, and the business is booming. There are no publicly announced sources that have given the net worth of Sean. Its safe to say that he can manage his life and his families easily.

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