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Shari Franke Age, Height, Net Worth, Family, Birthday

It’s the right time to be young as youngsters make it to fame with relative ease in this day and age. And here we have yet another youngster who has become famous through social media. Shari Franke is almost too young to be where she is as most people don’t find as much success as she has in their entire life.

Her career on the mainstream, however, has just started and we can expect great things from her in the upcoming years. The 16-year-old is amongst the six kids who are featured on the popular YouTube channel 8 Passengers.

The channel is run by her parents and thus far has been able to amass a fanbase of over 2 million subscribers. The channel is amongst the biggest family-run channels on youtube as it has garnered a significant fan following.

Shari decided to go out and venture on her own. As she decided to open her own private YouTube channel. Although the channel is relatively young, it has amassed a significant fanbase while it’s been around.

Thus Far, Shari’s self-titled youtube channel has garnered up a significant fanbase and is close to 400,000 subscribers. On top of that, the channel also gets tones of views and videos that have less than 100,000 views are hard to find on her channel.

Her channel consists of vlogs, makeup tutorials, unboxing videos and many more. And it’s thanks to all the years of experience that she gained from appearing on her parents’ channel. That she has been able to amass such a big fan following.

Shari’s Family and Net Worth

Shari Franke is the oldest of the six kids that are featured on her parents’ channel. Her father who is named Kevin is a YouTuber and is responsible for uploading all sorts of videos on the 8 kids channel.

Her mother, who goes by the name of Ruby Franke is also a YouTuber and is also an integral member of the famous YouTube channel. Besides her parents, she has five siblings in total. All of whom are younger than Shari.

Shari’s little siblings are named Chad Franke, Abby Franke, Julie Franke, Russel Franke, and Eve Franke. All of whom are younger than Shari. All of them are also regularly featured in the family-run YouTube channel and are a very big part of the channel’s success.

Thus far, the 16-year-old YouTube sensation has been able to garner a net worth of a very impressive $200,000. All of which is thanks to her YouTube channel which is named ‘Shari Franke’.

Short Bio

Shari Franke was born on the third of March, 2003. She was born and raised in the United States and holds American Nationality. Shari is 16 years old and is very fond of Baseball. The 16-year-old celebrates her birthday on the 3rd of March. And stands in at a height of 5 feet 3 inches.

She belongs to white ethnicity and she is still in high school. The 16-year-old is very adventurous as her hobbies include motorcycling, paragliding, and much more. Shari is very fond of pets, especially dogs as she owns one.

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