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Taylor Reilly Age, Bio, Boyfriend, Dating, Height, Birthday

Taylor Reilly

The world is full of unfairness and unfair it certainly is to Taylor Reilly. Reilly who is 21 years of age now, is only 4 feet tall because of a rare disease called scoliosis. The disease has not only taken a toll on her physical well being but her mental state as well.

But despite all of the bad stuff that she had to endure since her birth. Taylor stood tall and decided to go on a journey on Vine. She was a superstar on the platform as she had garnered up a fanbase of more than 240,000 on it. Her success on the vine wouldn’t last long though as the app would be taken down soon.

Caption: Reilly trying to describe her disease (source:www.youtube.com).

The demise of the vine would still not be able to break this 21-year-old as she bounced back and started creating content for YouTube. This youngster has surpassed the success that she had on Vine and now has more than 441,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Instead of looking back and regretting, Taylor took her time and made the most of what life gave her. Being 4 ft tall at 20 is not elegant and when you put her being deaf in one ear on top life seems really unfair. The 21-year-old celebrates her birthday on the 22nd of December.

Her YouTube channel is filled with interesting topics ranging from genres like entertainment to pranks and even education. If you want to watch videos on certain genres, odds are she has one already. That’s how versatile her YouTube channel is.

Who’s she dating? Does she have a boyfriend?

When it comes to her current boyfriend, we simply don’t have enough evidence to come to a conclusion. However, she hasn’t always been single as there is historical evidence to suggest that she was engaged in a romantic relationship for the better part of three years.

Her last and only known boyfriend goes by the name of Damien. The famous couple met on Vine in 2014. They were spotted dating for three years but like all good things, their relationship had to end. They called it quits during the latter half of 2017, following that incident, she has not been spotted with anyone. Neither has she been public about having a boyfriend.

She seems to be single at the moment as she has not revealed any information regarding her boyfriend. Her YouTube account has not featured a guy in ages, neither has her Instagram account. There just isn’t enough information available that suggests that Taylor is in a relationship.

Short Bio

Taylor Reilly was born on the 22nd of December, 1997. Her current is 21 years and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. She is one amongst the many celebrities who were born in the ’90s also known as the millennials generation.

By profession, she is a YouTuber and formerly, a Viner. She gained fame on both platforms as her fanbase was in the hundreds of thousands on both the platforms.

Taylor stands in at a height of a measly 4 feet and weighs a not so impressive 41 Kilograms. Given her age, both those numbers are quite unimpressive as she should have much bigger numbers. That’s all thanks to a disease that she was born with named Scoliosis.

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