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YBN Nahmir Net Worth, Girlfriend, Dating, Family, Siblings

HipHop has really taken over the world and has established itself as one of the biggest factions of music. It recently overtook rock and roll and became the largest consumed genre of music in the United States. It’s no surprise that hip-hop celebrities are big as they don’t come much bigger than the likes of Jay Z and Eminem. YBN Nahmir is a young and talented rapper who is trying to make a big name for himself in the rap game.

And he is on the right track to do so as his songs have been watched hundreds of millions of times on YouTube and Soundcloud. He has truly embraced the hip-hop culture and is well on his way to overtake the best in the business. At just 19, he is making headways on the rap scene in pursuit of fame and fortune.

Most of his initial fame was due to the video “Rubin Off The Paint” that he released on YouTube. The video went viral as soon as it hit the scene and had more than 2 million views within 3 days of it being launched. His career kicked off in a big way on YouTube and he is trying his hardest to make the most of it.

Despite being a successful rapper, he is also very popular on social media with millions of followers throughout social media platforms. His Instagram account accounts for more than 4 million followers and that’s just the tip of the iceberg as he is famous on other factions of social media as well.

His YouTube channel is also very successful as it has accumulated more than half a million fans as well. The channel is named Nahmir and has 543,000 subscribers. The channel mostly consists of originals as well as cover songs.

YBN Nahmir – Girlfriend and Family

Roomers have been flying around that he is currently dating a girl named Alycia Tyre but it is yet to be confirmed. When we look at his social media profiles. We can see all sorts of pictures of YBN with her. We can almost confirm at the moment that he is dating Alycia. Her Instagram account is named sahlt_ and she also happens to be a successful social media personality.

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Her Instagram account accounts for more than 1.4 million followers. On top of that, she has further 479,000 followers on her YouTube account. She is also a rapper and shares videos regularly on her channel. She also shares vlogs and trips on her channel.

As per his family, he is yet to reveal any information on any of his family members. He has not disclosed anything regarding them. Although we don’t have any information regarding his parents. We do have some insights on his siblings as he has mentioned them in some of his social media posts. He once posted a picture of himself with his childhood friends and siblings.

Short Bio

YBN Nahmir was born Nicholas Simmons on the 18th of December, 1999. He is currently 19 years of age and by profession, he is a rapper as well as a social media personality. He is best known for the songs that he posts on his YouTube channel where he gets millions of views regularly.

It is estimated that the 19-year-old is worth 750,000. Most of his net worth comes from his YouTube channel where he posts regularly. He also makes a ton of money through record sales and advertising campaigns. Other than that, he does not have other sources of incomes.

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