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Logan Thirtyacre Age, Height, Girlfriend, Mother, Sister, Net Worth

YouTube gaming has come a long way since it’s impression a few years ago. The platform has proven itself to be the biggest place for independent content creators. And amidst all the gamers on YouTube is Logan Thirtyacre who is probably the biggest gaming YouTuber on the block.

The 24-year-old runs not just one but four really successful channels on YouTube. Most people would be happy to have one channel that is as successful as his. His videos are loved by kids and adults alike but mostly kids. He is really a force to be reckoned with as there are not many people who are as successful as him on YouTube.

His main channel is named SuperMarioLogan which has more than 7.2 million subscribers. What’s interesting about his channel is not the number of subscribers but the number of views that he gets on YouTube. It’s harder to find videos that have less than a million views on his channel than the ones that have more than a million views.

Logan’s second channel is named SuperLuigiLogan and it is also focused on puppets. The channel also has a very respectable 3.5 million subscribers. It is also very popular amongst his fans and videos that have less than a million views are almost not existent there as well.

The third channel is called Chilly, formerly it was called SuperPeachLogan. He changed the name of the channel because he wanted to dedicate the channel to his girlfriend. He has been dating her for almost a year now. The channel named Chilly also has a massive fan following. It currently has 1.7 million subscribers.

The fourth channel is called SuperBrowserLogan and surprisingly does not have many subscribers. It has 471K followers which are impressive but not for someone like Logan Thirtyacre.

Logan Thirtyacre – Family

The 24-year-old was not born into a family of millionaires and he had to work hard to where he is currently. Logan’s mother is named Jennifer thirty-acre, his father is named Kelly Fay Thirtyacre and he used to be a truck driver.

Logan did not have a very happy childhood as he had to see his parents split up when he was just 3. His mother later married a man named Brian and not much is known about his father.

Besides his parents, Logan grew up in a pretty big family, his family consists of him, his parents and his siblings. He has an elder brother who is named Lance Thirtyacre and his sister is named Haleigh Thirtyacre. The Thirtyacre siblings were brought up by their mother Jenniffer.

Short Bio

Logan Thirtyacre was born on the 17th of November, 1994 in Pensacola, Florida. He is currently 24 years of age, by profession, he is a YouTuber and runs four youtube channels. Logan’s zodiac sign is Scorpio and he follows the path of Christianity.

He stands in at a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs an impressive 67KG. Logan belongs to white ethnicity and by nationality, he is American. As per his net worth, the 24-year-old has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Caption: Logan with his girlfriend Chilly (source: www.instagram.com)

That amount comes by factoring in all four of his YouTube channels and the number of views that he has garnered over the years. He really is a big YouTuber and does not need an alternate source of revenue. He started dating his girlfriend Chilly Jimenez.

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