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Brynn Cartelli Parents, Family, Net Worth, Dating, Sibling

Reality shows are some of the most interesting shows on television. Reality shows have been behind the rise of some of the biggest singers in recent memories. Some of the biggest stars that have come out of reality shows include One Direction, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson and many more. Brynn Cartelli is another singer who came out of a reality show.

At just 15, she became the youngest contestant to have ever won The Voice. Brynn won the 14th season of voice and in some style as she performed her last single with judge Kelly Clarkson. The 16-year-old has already performed the American national anthem at the Gilette Stadium.

Unlike most people who go into obscurity after winning a reality show, Brynn is here to stay. As she has already been signed by multiple big record labels. On top of that, she recently launched a YouTube channel where she posts videos of her singing original as well as original songs. Although the channel is very young, it has been able to garner a significant fanbase as it currently has more than 25K followers.

Brynn is also a major player in the social media game with her Instagram account having surpassed 200,000 followers. The 16-year-old is here to stay and make a difference. She has already started touring although her first album is not out yet.

She has also collaborated with some big names including the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Drake. Looking at her career so far, no one can deny that she was born to do something of way more significance. It will be interesting to see where her career goes from now as she has just finished The Voice.

Brynn Cartelli – Family

Brynn Cartelli was born on the 16th of April, 2003 in Longmeadow Massachusetts to parents Damon Cartelli and Deb Cartelli. Her parents have been very supportive of her and are the primary reason behind her success on the big stage. In fact, Brynn got inspired to pursue a career in singing by her parents as both of them have musical backgrounds.

Caption: Brynn with her mother Deb(source: www.instagram.com).

Besides her parents, there is one other member in her family, that being one and only sibling. Her brother goes by the name of Jack Cartelli and has been featured many times in her Instagram account. The two are really close to each other and Brynn considers Jack to be her best friend.

Short Bio

Brynn Cartelli was born on the 16th of April, 2003 in Longmeadow, Massuchhutis. She is currently 16 years old and by profession, she is a singer. Cartelli is best known for being the winner of the 14th season of The Voice.

As per her love life, the 16-year-old is still far too young to be dating anyone. Thus far, there have been no instances of her dating anyone. Neither is there any historical evidence that suggests that she has ever dated anyone.

Considering all her income sources and the amount of money that she won from The Voice. It is estimated that this 16-year-old’s net worth is around $150,000.

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